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Accident at Work

Making an work accident compensation claim is easier than you may expect. It is up to your employer to protect their employees and alert you of the various risks to your health and safety. Under UK law, your employer has a legal obligation to report work accidents of certain types and even to compensate you with work related injury or sick pay. Though your employer is required to report certain incidents, it may be smart, on your own behalf, to report the accident yourself. Your employer must alert the Incident Contact Centre of the Health and Safety Executive if any of the following occurs at work:

  • major injury, like broken arm or a serious fall compare-solicitors-lawyers

  • any other injury that keeps an employee from performing their normal tasks

  • and in extreme and unfortunate circumstances, death

"Slips and trips are the most common of workplace hazards and make up over a third of all major injuries. Over 10,000 workers suffered serious injury because of a slip or trip, just in the workplace, last year."


If you wish to report diseases, dangerous occurrences or work related accidents resulting in accident at work injury, you should contact the Incident Contact Centre (ICC)

How to Make A Work Accident Claim

If you have received an injury due to an accident at work and you feel your employer is at fault, you may want to consider in making a work accident claim. You can hire a work accident claim solicitor who will file the necessary paperwork. There's no way around it, filing such a claim requires the help of a lawyer, but don't wait to stall the process. Most of the time, you must file your claim quickly but depending on the severity of the work injury, you may be able to file within two calendar years. Our advice is always to report any incidents as soon as possible.

By law, your employer must be insured to cover any successful work accident claim. There should be a certificate displayed prominently at work with the name of your employer's insurance company. If there is no such certificate displayed, your employer must give you the necessary details.

If you have been a victim of a work accident and are considering suing your employer, keep in mind that any damages paid to you, for a work related injury, are only for injuries sustained from working. Do not take advantage of claiming compensation as the system exists to protect workers, and not to punish employers. If you are considering making a work accident compensation claim but are unsure what your employer might say or do in terms of your job, you have all the right to make a claim for compensation if your employer has been negligent. This should not affect your employemnt with them. If this is the case, where filing a work accident claim affects your job, then please seek your work accident solicitor's advice.


Make a claim for accident at work. Compare work accident solicitors for your work accident claim.


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