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Head Injury Claim

"The head is a very important and vital part of the human body. More so since it cushions and protects the most important part of human body The Brain."


The brain is a very soft and a delicate organ. However, the protection offered by the head to the brain is limited and a hard and sudden blow to the head can result in injury to the brain of the spinal cord, which may not be apparent through any visible signs on the head or the face. This is the reason why all head injuries are considered to be serious unless certified otherwise.

There are two kinds of Head injuries Open and Closed. Open head injuries, are apparent head injuries with bleeding or marks on the face or the skull. Closed head injuries are injuries that have no signs of external injury. Closed head injuries are more serious in nature since it is difficult to gauge the cause, scale or the area of the injury. Open head injuries are apparent can be taken care of with immediate medical care. Having said this open head injuries can be as serious so Compare Compensation Claims advises you to seek immediate professional medical attention. Never assume any head injury to be a minor injury, always get a head injury checked.

The brain is a soft and jelly-like organ protected by the skull. This jelly like organ floats inside the skull in a nourishing liquid also called the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid not only nourishes the brain but also acts as a shock absorber. A hard impact can injure the brain by smashing it against the insides of the skull, bruising it or tearing important blood vessels. If the blood vessels are torn or rupture the brain would then begin to leak blood and serum, leading to an increase in pressure inside the skull. Since the skull has only so much volume, this increase in intracranial pressure can result in permanent damage to the brain via crushing.


How to judge and handle a head injury

Compare Compensation Claims advises anyone involved in a head injury to seek professional medical attention, but there could be some first aid that can be administered.

Blood can never be the reliable indicator of a head injury. Wounds can be superficial, but the seriousness of a head injury can be judged by:


A person been involved in a head injury may become unconscious but if not they may remain in a conscious state but become drowsy, disorientated or confused. Check the injured person for breathing and turn them onto a side without disturbing the neck or the head. If the injured person is not breathing, check for the pulse. If the pulse is positive try giving mouth to mouth resuscitation at one every four seconds by pinching the injured person's nose. In case of no pulse try cardiac compression and alternate with mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Skull deformities

A deformed skull either compressed or swollen are signs of a fracture.

Clear fluid leak

Leaking of clear fluid from the ears or nose is a symptom that the skull has been fractured most probably at the base. Gently cover or pad the ear and turn the injured to the affected side. In case of bleeding try and control it by applying pressure to the wound.

Black eyes or skin bruises

These symptoms indicate blood vessel rupture around the eyes and ears.

Vision changes

Dilation of pupils of the eyes indicates a serious head injury and can result in blurred or double vision.


The most common side effect of head injury is nausea and vomiting. Make sure the airway to the injured is clear and he is breathing.


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* Please note that yet Compare Compensation Claims provides useful advice and information for certain injuries always seek expert medical advice and treatment. These pages are to provide an insight and should not be substituted or be solely relied upon.


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