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Motorcycle Accidents

img-motorcycle-accident"Motorcyclists have an especially poor safety record when compared to other road user groups. Their killed and serious injury (KSI) rate in the UK, per million vehicle kilometres, is approximately twice that of pedal cyclists and over 16 times that of car drivers and passengers."

The laws regarding motorcycle compensation claims in the United Kingdom can be confusing and frustrating for an individual if not properly advised. In this article we will be discussing the basics of filing a claim for a motorcycle accident, how to prepare for filing a motorbike accident claim, information that needs to be collected and further action that can be taken if your claim is rejected.


compare-solicitors-lawyers"Motorcyclists make up less than 1% of vehicle traffic but their riders suffer 14% of total deaths and serious injuries on Britainís roads."

In order to get started, one needs to know the basics for filing a motorcycle accident claim. The first step is making sure a proper police report is filed. The police may try and avoid writing one due to if the injuries are only minor. This is a mistake, and one needs to insist on having a police report filed no matter how small the accident.

The next step is to properly document the accident site and take photographs. Was the accident caused by a defect in the road? If so you need to properly photograph the area as soon as possible after the accident. This needs to occur before the spot is repaired (if repaired at all). If the spot had been complained about but nothing was done this needs to be documented, and proof of this needs to be saved.

The third step is gathering information about the accident. Was the accident due to a driver being negligent? If so one needs to consult a motorbike accident claim solicitor on getting the evidence required to prove the other driver was at fault. Even if the accident was partly one's fault they may still have a claim. This is viewed upon as contributory negligence in the law, and one may still have a case.

The fourth step is to file the motorcycle accident claim. Once one has gathered all documentation possible, a consultation with the motorbike accident compensation solicitor is always recommended. The personal injury lawyer may help in resolving the matter outside of court, saving both time and money for the filing party. Additionally the knowledge of the motorbike accident solicitor/lawyer could help in winning the accident claim, or navigating through the massive legal jargon that has become standard in courts.

Once one has followed these steps it is important to follow through with all required materials and documentation in a timely manner. With these tools on one's side the ability of one to file a successful compensation claim multiplies exponentially.


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