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Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

img-public-transportRoad traffic accidents are common in the UK, and we have to accept the fact that one day in our lives we will experience some sort of a personal injury as a cause of a RTA. The percentage of car users being injured in road accidents has risen. Pedal cyclists and motorcycle accidents constitute 5 to 20%. The Road safety measures are very well implemented in the UK than other EU countries. The UK road traffic accident rate is considerably lower than the accident rates of other countries like US, Australia and Japan.

Whenever an individual is faced with a road accident, whether it's being injured as a passenger, driver, or pedestrian, caused by a privately owned vehicle or in a public transport, there are several important things to note down or act up on immediately. First, the persons injured and the vehicles involved in the accident should be analysed and noted. The contact details and insurance details of the people who are involved in the accident should be written down. This will be helpful for filing a road traffic accident claim for the accident. Getting the contact details of any accident witnesses is also very useful. Hiring a road traffic accident claim solicitor is helpful for getting the best settlements, because different factors can affect your claim, making the case more complicated than originally thought. It will be very useful especially if the third party at fault was intoxicated or driving carelessly. Many insurance companies use several tactics to delay any payments and pay a lesser amount for the accident. A road traffic accident claim solicitor will be helpful in receiving faster and fair settlements from the insurance companies. The rta solicitor can serve without any fees if the accident is significant and the case is based on no win no fee*.

"RTA compensation can be against private vehicles, or even the public transport sector. This includes being involved as a pedestrian, cyclist, driver or even a passenger."


At the time of approaching court for claiming RTA compensation, it's vital to have the necessary documents with, if applicable, signatures. They need to be official and contain the appropriate proof materials. The medical reports are also important documents which show the judge the seriousness of the accident and the injuries sustained. If a road traffic accident claim solicitor is appointed then all the necessary work will be carried out by them, but always assist your personal injury solicitor in any way possible in gathering evidence.

Persons who have faced road traffic accidents without any fault of their own are eligible for road traffic accident claim. If you are a vehicle passenger, these claims will be made against the insurance company of the vehicle driver in which the passenger was traveling or the third party who was at fault. For pedestrians, motorcyclists, pedal cyclists, these claims will also be made against the third party at fault. People met with a road accident either on holidays or abroad are also eligible for claiming compensation. One major factor that applies to nearly all personal injury claims is that there is a time limit in making the claim. Usually this is a time limit of 3 years unless there are special circumstances. Please consult your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to avoid disappointment in meeting the requirements of making a claim and to abide by the rules and regulation.


Make a claim for road traffic accident. Compare road traffic accident solicitors for your road traffic accident claim.

* Please refer to 'Compensation Packages' offered by personal injury solicitors as they all provide different services and offers.


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