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Sports Injury

img-sport-injuryMany individuals play sports either for enjoyment or professionally within the United Kingdom. It is not well known that literally thousands of such participants in UK sports are victims of sports related injuries each and every year. These can result from many different causes, including insufficient training or coaching, foul play, unsafe playing conditions or facilities, and violence, all of which could lead to severe injury which requires medical attention. Sports leagues, teams, and facilities are all typically covered by their own insurance policies to provide for any sports injury risk to which a person is potentially exposed.

There are a wide range and variety of everyday circumstances which could lead to a sports injury. These same circumstances also give rise to a successful compensatory claim for related medical and personal suffering damages. Among these types of activities which can cause such incidents are the following:

  • Improper coaching or training from a sports staff member which is either misleading or inadequate.

  • Foul play which is either irresponsible or intentional.

  • Poorly maintained or constructed playing surfaces at any sports facility.

  • Any assault which occurs either before play, during play, or following play.

Sports violence relates to any form of behaviour which is harmful and violates the games' rules. It occurs without consideration for the competitive and fair goals inherent in playing such a game. It is not a great surprise that this type of violence happens most often in contact team sports, including football, hockey, and rugby. It can also happen in games involving far less personal contact. If such an injury has happened as a result of a sport's given rules being violated, than an injured individual and his sports injury solicitor could be successful in filing for a sports injury claim. Such claims may be filed for in the Civil Courts, or alternatively through making application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

There are typically two types of sports related aggressions practiced. Reactive aggression concerns wilful and intentional behaviour which has an underlying emotional response and is done with the intent to cause physical harm. This can result from a player losing either his or her temper, or from him/her seeking revenge for another unrelated occurrence, and then choosing to lash violently out at the individual in question.

Instrumental aggression pertains to occurrences literally related to the game's nature. These are non-emotional, and generally happen as a result of intense competition. Professional and deliberate fouls are an example of this type of sports injury. These are against the game rules, but they do happen as a result of an overwhelming desire to win. Regrettably, such fouls are often performed without any regard for the well-being of the other players.

It is important to engage an appropriately experienced and trained solicitor to handle your sports injury compensation claim in the United Kingdom. This is especially the case as the UK is comprised of three principal and considerably different legal systems which were created independently of one another. The legal systems of England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all have their own courts, legal rules, and legal professions, all of which are geographically based.


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