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Accident Claim Market And Compare Compensation Claims

Business directories, phone books, accident claim advice sites, accident claim solicitor profiles, best deals and service for any person being involved in an accident and combine these together to get what Compare Compensation Claims is all about. Compare Compensation Claimshas paid attention to detail and taken care and the time to provide a service that is unique, user friendly and paramount to all people pursuing an accident claim. Use Compare Compensation Claims to seek advice, information and help on various topics ranging from car accident claims to asbestos compensation.

Compare the accident claim market to obtain the best deals and services and independently select your matched accident claim solicitor/personal injury lawyer. There is no obligation to make an accident claim, no registrations and no sign-ups like other websites to compare. Just click your mouse a few times and you’re on your way to comparing the accident claim market. It’s that simple.

Compare Compensation Claims has a vast accident category that your accident injury claim could fall into. The accident categories covered are:

No matter what your requirements are Compare Compensation Claims can help. There is no charge for using our service and you receive, without any deductions, 100% compensation. Actually using our services could get you more than 100%. Because we have created an accident claim market where all solicitors and personal injury lawyers compete for your custom, bigger and better deals are passed onto you via this unique environment.



Accident Claim Limitations

Strict time limits apply for making an accident claim. Known as the limitation period, the standard period for commencing proceedings to bring an accident compensation claim is three-years. Failure to commence a court action within that three-year period means that the claim for accident injury compensation becomes time-barred, or statute barred, preventing you from claiming your rightful compensation.

Although the three-year period normally starts from the date of the accident or injury, there are exceptions to this, depending on the nature of the accident or personal injury, and sometimes the circumstances of the injured person. These exceptions mean that the three-year period may start sometime after the actual accident or injury.


Accident Claim When The Other Party Is At Blame

All accident claims are based on non-fault accidents. Compensation can only be sought if a third party is liable. Basically if someone (or something) else was, at least in part, responsible for your injury then you have a possible accident claim.



Accident Claim Solicitor And A Personal Injury Lawyer

The Solicitors are British lawyers who give legal advice and prepare legal documents and is considered Office Lawyers. Solicitors have served for two years under the management of a practicing Solicitor and meet other demands of the Law Society, which includes educational requirements, and must be admitted to practice. They are involved in commercial work relating to business such as dealing with commercial transactions, corporate matters, land, share, other property dealings and also litigation.

The Barristers on the other hand are the Courtroom Lawyers who speak in the higher courts of law and who are reserved by solicitors to advocate in a legal hearing or to render a legal opinion. Barristers are the lawyers who practice out of an office and are often referred to as Chambers. They provide opinions to solicitors on difficult points of law and appear on court. But Barristers must pass the bar final exams and be admitted to “plead at the bar”, meaning they have been called to the bar and is allowed to appear in court to argue a client’s case. It is required in England that the Barrister has to be taken on by a practicing Barrister for a one-year pupillage which is same as internship. It allows the new Barrister to observe and assist his master in the execution and learn from the experience.


Accident Claim With A Personal Injury Lawyer Or Directly With The Insurance Company?

Third party capture is a term used to describe a tactic employed by insurance companies when they divert injured people away from using accident claim solicitors and often to avoid them using solicitors at all. The more shall we say unscrupulous insurers save money by offering settlements well under true value, avoiding you obtaining legal advice and thus you receiving everything to which you are entitled.

Consider this, an accident claim firm recently had a first offer of £4,000 for a whiplash injury for a client which after issuing proceedings, a sum in excess of £20,000 was compensated. The insurers play on the fact that people might be enticed to accept lower settlements just to get it over with and not to make an accident claim.


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