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Car Accident Claim

Make A Car Accident Claim The Right Waycar-accident-claim

Quality Assured Car Accident Claim

For a car accident claim, Compare Compensation Claims assures all its clients, that quality-assisted help and the best professional teams are provided for them in order to get the most compensation for their car injury claim.

Compare Compensation Claims can accommodate all injury types, including car accident claim(s) and provide a full dedicated service from the beginning to the end. There are no corners cut when it comes down to any person suffering from injury due to a car accident. In time of need we will be there for you step by step.


Limitations for Car Accident Claim

3 Years Claiming period for most Personal Injury Claims

In order to make a car injury claim you must make it within a time period of 3 years which also applies to any passengers wishing to make a car accident claim. Any claims exceeding this time limit will have to be discussed with a solicitor before they can actually pursue it. Compare Compensation Claims provides free assessments so that you, the client, can benefit from our services and are put in the right direction with the right mind-set to make a compensation claim.


Non-Fault Car Accident Claim

All enquiries and car accident claim(s) are based on non-fault accidents. Compensation can only be sought if a third party is liable. Basically if someone (or something) else was, at least in part, responsible for your injury then you have a possible personal injury claim.

One key factor to remember is that any passenger, in any vehicle, may it be in a vehicle at fault or not for an accident, can proceed with making a car accident claim within the 3 year period. Passengers are innocent victims in a vehicle that unfortunately has been involved in a road traffic accident.



The Process of making a Car Injury Claim

Understand the requirements to be met when making a car accident claim, the restrictions, limitations, and the claim process itself. Compare Compensation Claims has various pages within its site to help you understand the legalities and give you accident claim advice on different issues.

Note registration details, car make and model, driver details and exchange insurance details. It is also helpful if any witness details and statements are taken. Log the time and date the car accident took place and where it happened.

We have a more thorough page dedicated to car accident claim advice on issues such as what to do at the scene of the accident and what precautions to take. Please pay your attention to our accident helpline page for further information.

Use our website to compare national solicitors, different compensation packages and make an informed, independent choice.

Fill out our simple form to proceed with making a car injury claim. You can also add any amount of passengers on your claim form, depending the vehicle that was involved in the car accident can facilitate the amount of passengers stated. The form itself only takes a few minutes to complete. If in doubt please ring us and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Once the car accident claim is submitted simply wait for your chosen team of professionals to contact you. The personal injury lawyers or claim specialists will process your claim and contact you as soon as your details are received.

Keep all documentation, receipts, bills, records, witness details/statement(s) and evidence relating to your personal injury claim. They will prove to be a great asset in your car accident claim. In today’s world ones word to one another is not enough. Keep evidence of your injury related expenses and other losses, including loss of earnings, to give your car injury claim more credibility. It will highly increase your chances of all recoveries.



The Car Accident Injury

Seek expert guidance and treatment for any injuries sustained, remembering to keep all records to submit in the compensation claim. Your chosen solicitors or claims specialists will compile a file for your claim which will also contain these records.

Compare Compensation Claims recommends that you treat or get expert medical advice from professionals as soon as possible. Do not assume that an injury will cure itself over night or over a few days. To avoid further damage or seriousness please do not take any injury lightly because some injuries can worsen over time which could be fatal especially when head injury is concerned. Act promptly and accordingly for your own best interest.

Where car injury claim(s) are concerned the most common injury that can occur is whiplash.  The exact injury mechanism that causes whiplash injuries is unknown. A whiplash injury may be the result of impulsive stretching of the spine, mainly the ligament, anterior longitudinal ligament, which is stretched or torn, as the head snaps forward and then back again causing a whiplash injury.

Use our Claim Indicator to put an estimate value, minimum to maximum, on the compensation you are entitled to for your personal injury.


Your Right for making a Car Accident Claim

Making a car injury claim does not affect your statutory rights. It is quite the opposite. It is your right to make a compensation claim if you were injured or you incurred a loss due the careless or neglect of another.


Car Accident Claim Expenses

Wouldn’t you want your full wage, salary for the time you were made to take off because of an injury? I think we all would. If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault and were put in a position to take time off work, in order to heal, then your chosen solicitors or claim specialists can recover the full loss of earnings from the third party at fault. This is also the case for any expenses acquired over the period of your accident injury, but please do keep records.



Accredited Car Compensation Claim Solicitors & Lawyers

Compare Compensation Claims houses quality UK personal injury lawyers and claim specialists who have acquired various accreditations. Most accident injury websites, this includes individual solicitor firms or accident management companies are not user friendly enough or don’t provide the user choice for them to select who they want. It’s all about them, them and them, self-promotion. You compare and you decide, as our motto says “We Care, You Compare”.


Compare Car Injury Claim Solicitors for your compensation.

In order to seek car injury claim or pursue a whiplash injury claim please go to the COMPARE page to select the best matched search criteria. Once selected, simply compare all UK national solicitors, accident management companies and the best deals for your claim.

..."make an informed choice and not a forced choice."


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