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Compensation Packages

Compare Compensation Claims aim is to help you take advantage of the best services and Compensation Packages available on the market on a No Win No Fee basis and obtain 100%+ compensation*.

Compare Compensation Claims team of specialists work hard to get you the best personal injury solicitors and accident management companies around, who provide you the most comprehensive array of services, that a person involved in an accident injury could desire. Below is a list of services that a personal injury solicitor may provide, what Compare Compensation Claims refers to as 'Compensation Packages':

  • Courtesy Car

  • Home visit by Solicitorimg-compensation-package

  • Home visit by Doctor

  • Cash Bonus Upfront

  • No Win No Fee

  • Replacement Taxi

  • Storage for off-road Vehicle

  • Engine & Body repair

  • Recover Loss of Earnings

  • Recover Injury related Expenses

Take time to compare personal injury solicitors, and hand pick the services that really help you in your accident claim. For example, if you have been involved in a car accident then it would be of your interest to obtain a courtesy car whilst an alternative means of transport is arranged.

Look at all your options and decide which services you require. If your car is repairable then find a personal injury solicitor who, not only gives you a courtesy car but, also stores and repairs your vehicle. We have given you the freedom of choice to select various ‘Compensation Packages’ to suit your needs.

Compensation Packages* on Offer: Services are provided according to your Accident Injury type.


Courtesy Car - This service is only available if you were involved in a road traffic accident. When you claim for compensation a replacement vehicle is provided if your own vehicle is in need of repair or is not road worthy.


Home Visit by Representative - A representative from the chosen firm is available for home visits Locally and Nationally depending on the radius submitted by the accident claim firm.


Home Visit by Doctor - A doctor is provided if a home visit is required for a medical. The accident claim firm will decide if a home visit by a doctor is necessary or just an appointment at the medical centre where the medical expert(s) are based.


paid on liability depending on which solicitor you selectCash Bonus Upfront - Not an incentive but a bonus to help you at a time of need. This cash bonus is yours to keep regardless of win or lose. It is not a loan or any payment from your compensation claim. The cash bonus is a separate payment made for the accident injury compensation to help you get back on your feet. We all know that some claims can take months before being settled and how financially back breaking compensation claims can be, so to help you financially, this service is provided by accident claim solicitors. You will get the bonus cash and 100% compensation for your claim, without any deductions. (Please note, cash bonuses are not paid for CICA - criminal injury or MIB - uninsured/untraced driver claims and that all cash bonuses are paid on acceptance of liability).


No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee - This is the term used to describe the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) between a law firm and their client. In any claim (Commercial or Personal Injury), this is an agreement between the client and their lawyer, which will enable the lawyer to take on a case on the understanding that if they lose the case, the client will not have to pay their lawyer’s costs. If the client wins their case, either the Courts or the losing party’s will make an award of damages. In addition, the defendant/losing party at fault will be required to pay the client's legal costs including any uplift of fees as well as expenses. With most Conditional Fee Agreements, the client will have nothing to pay and will receive 100% of any compensation awarded in their claim.


icon-taxiReplacement Taxi - This service is available for clients who have been involved in a road traffic accident whilst working in their Taxi. This could involve replacing the Taxi for an individual that owns it or for the Taxi firm that supplied the vehicle for the client to work in.


Storage for Off-Road Vehicle - Many vehicles may require repair or just storage for the ones that are not road worthy. The damaged vehicle can be stored out of the way where it can be safely stored for further investigation/inspection or repairs.



Engine & Body Repair - Provided for vehicles that require repairs which could include body or even engine repairs. This service is available if you agree for repairs to be carried out by an appointed garage or a garage of your own choice. This can be discussed with your chosen accident injury compensation solicitor.


Recover Loss of Earnings - Not only limited to work compensation but is also available for all clients who have been involved in any type of accident injury. If the accident forces you to take time off work, employed or self-employed, and results in losing income then this is the service for you.


Recover Injury related Expenses - Any expenses experienced from your accident injury can and will be recovered. This includes any expenses i.e. medical, travel, or even any cancellations etc. which cost you money otherwise would have not accumulated if the accident did not happen. You will get 100% compenastion for your claim and any expenses that you have paid towards.

Personal injury & accident compensation claim comparison.

What we say at Compare Compensation Claims is “take advantage of all the services and maximise your claim, after all personal injuries are no joke, they are serious and delicate matters”.

* All Compensation Packages are provided by personal injury solicitor firms.


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