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You First

The comparison site is built around the concept where you, the customer, comes first and keeps in mind your best interests.  No more false perceptions, no more false promises, no more endless hours of scratching the head for answers. Compare Compensation Claims is a revolutionary website that has uniquely identified and created a Market Place for any personal injury claim. Yes as you shop around for any goods or items that you want to purchase, you can now start to shop around for personal injury lawyers and accident claim firms in one market place.

This site is all about you, the customer, and you only. Compare Compensation Claims wants you to get the best deals; the most professional service, efficient personal injury lawyers and most importantly get the satisfaction from a service that solely works around the clock to work for them.


Online for convenience

What the worst case scenario when you have been injured in an accident and you want to pursue a personal injury claim? Well one of these could be an accident injury claim firm using pushy sales tactics to make you choose them to pursue a compensation claim. Everybody is fighting for your custom as the personal injury market is highly competitive.

Compare Compensation Claims avoids such methods and deploys a 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days of online support for any personal injury. You compare from the comfort of your own home or workplace when it conveniently suits you. When you are ready to make a compensation claim then we are here to help you step by step. Free assessments are available and our services do not cost you anything. You receive 100% or more for your compensation claim.

You can call Compare Compensation Claims for Accident Claim Advice, information and even assistance in making a compensation claim. Whatever your needs, we are more than happy to help you. Do not suffer in silence, use Compare Compensation Claims and its services, and why not, we do not charge you. Make a claim the smart way.


Unique innovative approach

Compare Compensation Claims is, proudly, the first website that utilises a unique, innovative approach by allowing a customer to compare the personal injury lawyer market in a different approach. There are no sign-ups, no up-front registrations, no waiting for quotes, just simple fingertip access to the personal injury market. You can make a compensation claim with the knowledge that you are in control for your accident injury claim and not pushy salesmen. You compare and you decide. There is no obligation to try our services. What Compare Compensation Claims says: “don’t rush in making a decision but instead compare and make an informed choice at your own convenience.”



We all know how financially back breaking accident and personal injuries can be. Time off work and losing pay, medical bills, injury related expenses, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident then garage fees, recovery costs and if your car becomes a ‘right-off’ then buying a new car can all be very expensive. I think we all agree that being involved in a personal injury is inconvenient and frustrating so in order to make the whole process a little less daunting we have built an accident claim comparison site based around your needs. Compare personal injury lawyers and the deals and services they provide alongside all other accident claim solicitors. Have a look at their ‘Compensation Packages’ they offer and see if any of them suits and helps your situation.

Not only will you get 100% compensation on a No Win No Fee basis, many personal injury lawyers provide an upfront cash bonus which can range anything from £100 to £325+. This bonus is not an incentive but a cash bonus to help you at a time of need. On acceptance this cash bonus is yours to keep regardless of win or lose. It is not a loan or any payment from your compensation claim. The cash bonus is a separate payment made for the accident injury compensation to help you get back on your feet. We all know that some claims can take months before being settled therefore to financially help you this service has been provided.

Take advantage of these offers which cannot be found on any other website. Make the personal injury industry work harder for your claim and give you the best services possible.


Impartial advice

The information, advice and the comparison data you receive is non-biased and does not favour any one personal injury lawyer than the other. You get free impartial advice regarding your injuries, the claim procedures, deals, services, ratings and the information for personal injury lawyers themselves. Compare Compensation Claims is proud to be an independent company that gives you the freedom of choice to select any of the accident compensation solicitors on our website without any hassle or sales tactics being enforced on you. You compare and you decide who acts on your behalf for your personal injury claim.


Right back on your feet

Personal Injury Claims have to be settled quickly, efficiently and effectively to get you back on your feet or to some sort of a normal life again. Depending on the extent of your injuries and losses, the sooner the compensation dispute is resolved the better it is for you. Accident Injuries are devastating, financially hard, frustrating and in simple terms a hassle. We could all do without them but that is impossible. At some point, due to neglect, unfortunately, someone will be involved in an accident injury and Compare Compensation Claims mission is to help them and get them back on their feet, with the most compensation for their personal injury claim, as quickly as possible.


Solicitors nationwide

Compare Compensation Claims endeavours to find you the best personal injury lawyers throughout the UK and list their services in a user friendly format for you to easily understand. You are not restricted to selecting a local personal injury lawyer but in fact have access to the whole of the UK to search within. Simply type in your post code as a search query and instantly compare accident claim solicitors nationwide. Why restrict yourself to local searches when you can compare nationally?


Top rated

All personal injury lawyers are rated by customers themselves via a 10 star rating system. Use our ‘Search by Rating’ and compare accident claim solicitors based around the scoring system. See who’s a 10 star rated personal injury lawyer, defined by a ‘Users Choice’ mark next to them, or even take a look at other solicitor rankings. What this enables our customers to achieve is finding top rated accident claim solicitors that are recommended by other users and not us…, and hundreds of other satisfied customers can't be the wrong.


Compare the Personal Injury Claim Market


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