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How to make a successful Accident Claim

When trying to pursue an accident claim things can get very difficult and complicated if things are not done properly. What we have to remember is that no matter what obstacles we face we have to make sure that we do things with precise planning and articulate documentation. With planning, when things do go wrong, one is prepared and knows what to do next. Keeping records, receipts, bills, statements, evidence, photographs and any sort of document relating to your accident claim can prove worthy.  This article will provide an insight to what you need to do when you are involved in an accident in the UK. This applies to all accident types such as car accident claims, work compensation claims, slip, trip or falls or even medical negligence claims.



Basic steps to follow when making an accident claim:

  • Check injuries If injuries permitting note down who is injured what type of injuries they have. This could also include having any pains or symptoms.
  • Take photographic evidence of where the accident happened and of what the damages are. Be wise to, somehow, collate information and photographs of how, when (date and time)and where the accident happened, including any collisions, neglected areas such as uneven pavements etc. and also photograph the injury itself.
  • Take witness statements or take details of people that might give you a statement of what happened, at a later date, to support your accident claim.
  • If the police are called out then do not hesitate to take their details and any incident reference numbers. A police report can definitely support your accident claim and give it credibility.
  • Now this only applies to road traffic accidents. Take the details of the party at fault of the accident. This will include noting down names, addresses, contact numbers, vehicle registration number, vehicle make/model and also their insurance details.
  • Finally keep any bills, receipts, or any documentation that will help you recover your damages and/or losses. This can include wage slips, holiday bookings or anything similar that, due to the accident, had to be missed or cancelled. Any expense or loss can be recovered if it is pursued.


These are the basic steps that everyone should follow when they wish to file an accident claim. Just remember the two main principles of making an accident claim; planning and documentation. If you remember to follow these two rules then you are on the right path to making a successful accident claim.


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7th April 2011, 22:22

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