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To Claim Or Not To Claim? That Is The Question

Shall I make a claim or should I leave it? This is one of the most common question a person faces when they are entitled to compensation.  Some people think or presume that when they make a claim that they are doing something wrong. This is a naive assumption to make and people have to understand that when being involved in a legitimate, non-fault accident, and sustain an injury, acquire damages or losses due to the accident then by law you are entitled to make a compensation claim. By law these measures have been enforced for a reason. You have the right to make a compensation claim and you should not feel guilt, worry or shame. It should be, or is, the opposite where the party at fault feel these emotions. The party at fault for your injury, damages or losses should feel ashamed for their neglect and carelessness and not you. The government has placed laws to protect society in case of situations as these. If you have suffered from an injury, any sustained damages or losses then you should have the right to confidently put a legitimate case forward for a compensation claim without feeling guilt or remorse.

For example, you purchase a bathroom set from a DIY store and ask for it to be delivered and when it arrives itís installed and works just fine. A few months later, for arguments sake, you return home from a night out and find yourself coming home to a collapsed ceiling due to a leak. Now there different ways that a person can look at this situation; you can either accept the whole thing as being your fault, maybe you left a tap on or something down that line and sort the damage out yourself; or you if you have home insurance, make an insurance claim and get the problem fixed, which you have to pay in your insurance premiums; or get to the bottom of the situation, pin point the cause of the problem and get the person at fault to pay for it, may it be the plumber who installed your bathroom set or the DIY store who sold you the faulty product(s) in the first place. Nevertheless, every person is different and the choices that each one of us makes also differs, may it be the right decisions or wrong but one thing is for sure there is help and that help can come in the form of a compensation claim. Hold people at fault accountable for their neglect or carelessness. They have insurance and laws to protect them so why not use the same law that protects you to recover your losses. Like we mentioned before, itís a matter of choice so itís up to you whether you pursue a compensation claim or not but what we have tried to explain in this article is that you have the right to make a claim without having to fear, feel guilt, be ashamed, or feel you are doing something wrong when you make any type of compensation claim.

So what will it be? To claim or not to claim?

Compare Compensation Claims will help provide you with options and the freedom of choice to independently make an informed choice, without any obligation. Weíre here to help.


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