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All aspects of the law require evidence even if it is for compensation.

Your word against someone else’s word. It that enough? Not really. In any court of law you are required to substantiate your case with evidence. Without evidence the case becomes complicated or less credible.

Compensation claims can run into the thousands if not in tens of thousands of pounds and to be in a chance of recovering the full compensation for injury, damages or losses it is vital to keep evidence to support your case. Not only will it support your compensation claim but it will also be easier for the judge to award compensation, if the case is presented in a court of law.

What are we always taught? What is the most sensible way to approach tasks? PLAN. Compensation claims can take months before being settled and it is best to plan to support your case. Keep all bills, medical reports, expense related receipts, witness statements and lastly but not least keep photographic evidence to support your claim. Keep photographic evidence of injuries, place of where it happened and any damage(s) that occurred. We know that acquiring all these things might not be possible but there’s no harm in trying, right? The more you do, the less complications you will face and ultimately you will be on the right path to obtaining the full compensation you rightfully deserve.

If in doubt give us a shout, call us or email Compare Compensation Claims at: We will do our upmost best to help you in any way possible. We will give you free, impartial and no obligation advice to point you in the right direction for your compensation claim.

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