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Accident Compensation – Do I have a claim?

Accident compensation claims may have a negative aurora about them in some people’s eyes. People make accident compensation claims for different reasons and judging a person who makes a claim is wrong. A person who makes an accident compensation claim may do so for many reasons such as:accident compensation help

General damages:

General damages describe a loss known as pain and suffering for a specific injury type.

Special damages:

These are specific types of expense or loss, which are applicable to you and your accident alone.

  • Damages to property.
  • Loss of earnings which could include future losses. Loss of congenial employment can be awarded on the basis that your employment was “more than just a job” to you.
  • Expenses which are necessary to aid your recovery such as medication costs, nursing care and rehabilitation costs.

Unfortunately when we are involved in accidents it is only then that we take things into consideration and only then we contemplate the idea of making an accident compensation claim against the party at fault or neglect. We only find out the true importance of filing a compensation claim and the legal system when we actually suffer ourselves. Genuine people don’t abuse the system and make false claims in order to make a ‘quick buck’ but in fact rely on these rights which are put into place to help them. Personal injury solicitors help people that truly need their help in regaining control of a stressful and daunting situation where the client is at a loss. Accident compensation claims can make or break a person. Take for example if you were involved in a car accident and you suffered personal injury and damage to your car where it was ‘written off’. Put aside the personal injury itself and look at how much your car costs. It will be in the thousands if not tens of thousands. Cars are expensive, big investments and losing such assets can put a dent in anyone’s pocket. Recovering such losses has to be done right and done right the first time round. Once accepting offers from insurance companies you can’t go back and say the offer was too low and you would like more compensation. Insurance companies will try to handle your cases direct and the reason for this is that they save money by doing so. Don’t let insurance companies undercut your offer. Let the expert personal injury solicitors handle your accident compensation claim and get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.


Window shop, look around for the best personal injury solicitors and don’t settle for just any solicitor. Do your research, compare solicitors, as you would compare any other product or service before purchasing. Find the best personal injury solicitor for your type of accident claim and let them handle your case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis where filing a claim will not cost you anything as all costs are recovered from the third party. Each solicitor is different and specialises in different areas of the personal injury law. You compare and you decide who acts on your behalf.


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