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Accident insurance claim satisfactionCar Accident Insurance Claim Or Other Insurance Claims For Any Accident.

The personal Injury industry has had a big shake up in the recent months and it has been driven by the insurance companies. Main focus has been to eliminate insurance fraud and drastically reduce the number of accident insurance claims that are being filed. This is all good as anything to combat fraud is always a good thing but to reduce the number of accident insurance claims is a cause for concern. This suggests that these insurance companies want the UK population to stop making accident insurance claims so rising car insurance premiums can once again be restored to the lower normal rates. Lower insurance premium rates would be good news to us all as everyone could do with saving money in this economic state but is reducing the number of accident insurance claims the solution. Will insurance premiums fall as the are suggesting? Especially if they are the ones pocketing from the car accident insurance claims.


The insurance companies are ramping on about the excessive claims being made and the money involved in settling cases but not everyone knows that these insurance companies are the ones to blame. Besides insurance fraud, only a small percentage of overall claims processed, is a genuine problem and it should be eliminated but to reduce the number of claims being made would mean harder access to justice for people who actually have injured themselves in an accident or had property damage which needs paying for. This campaign is headed by insurance companies so why them? How ironic, insurance companies are heading this campaign when in fact they are the ones who caused the problem of high insurance premiums by selling customer details and claims to their own personal injury solicitor panels. This meant there was a lot of money being made from accident insurance claims so more and more people took advantage of this and as a result the insurance companies had to raise the insurance premiums to counter balance the rise in accident insurance claims. These companies had to find a way to pay-out out the rising accident insurance claims so they had no option but to increase everyone’s insurance premiums.


This causes a problem, and may also in the future, as the government will make it harder and harder for genuine people who have car accident insurance claims, or any other insurance claim, for any accident. Harder access means fewer and fewer people making accident claims. Eventually people will have to fund cases themselves to get compensation for accident or injury for other peoples neglect, carelessness. Why should the genuine UK citizen have to suffer for the mistakes of others? It is not fair!


Here at Compare Compensation Claims we believe in easy access to justice and allowing people to find the best personal injury solicitors and deals for their exact accident cases. We don’t charge referral fees but pride ourselves on charging monthly subscription fees to solicitors so the customer does not pay us anything. The small cost is paid by the solicitor and not you. You compare, read profiles and view ratings for personal injury solicitors in order to find the best solicitor for your exact case. Make an enquiry without any sales pressure and feel free to ask questions and make an informed decison before committing yourself to one personal injury solicitor. There is no obligation to make an accident insurance claim so take your time and compare personal injury solicitors and select a solicitor based on reviews and recommendations.


Make an accident insurance claim for any accident injury, for free, without any sales pressure, instantly.

15th August 2013, 16:15

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