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Car Accident Compensation

TIPS - Don't get your compensation for car accident under-valued

Applying for compensation for car accident is not that simple especially when different things are said to you by different people. Follow these simple rules to successfully make a claim for compensation for car accident. Seek independent personal injury solicitor advice, rather than advice or instructions from your insurance company ‘in-house’ solicitors, as these solicitors will look to save the insurance company money by under valuing your claim.


Criteria for successfully getting compensation for car accident:

3 Year Time Limit To Apply For Compensation For Car Accident

In order to pursue a car accident claim you must make it within a time period of 3 years which also applies to any passengers wishing to make a car accident injury claim. It does not matter if you are a driver or a passenger in a vehicle, the same time-frame applies to all. To get compensation for car accident you must make it within 3 years.


Non-Fault Compensation For Car Accident

To get compensation for car accident, the accident itself has to be non-fault. This means that the accident had to happen due to someone else’s carelessness or neglect. Without this you cannot get compensation for car accident. If you are a passenger in a vehicle then the fault could be either a third party’s car who hit into the vehicle you are travelling in or the driver of your vehicle who causes the accident. Either way you are entitled to make a claim to get compensation for car accident.


Third Party Details

Injury permitting, collect all necessary third party (tp) details such as:compensation-for-car-accident

  • tp driver name

  • tp driver address

  • tp driver contact number(s)

  • tp insurance details

  • tp car registration plate number

  • tp car make and model

  • the location address and precise collision area details

  • time and date

  • passenger names

  • witness details

  • if more than one vehicle was involved in the accident then collect the same above details from them also

Taking photos can prove to work in your advantage so it is best to take photos of the accident itself, the damage to all of cars and location where the accident took place. You may have a camera on your phone so use this to take and store the accident photos.


Police Report For The Car Accident

It is wise to call the police to the scene of the accident as this will get the accident officially documented and a report made. This report will be used to determine who is at fault for the accident and will be relied upon by the insurance companies. At times even though people have admitted fault and liability for the accident, at a later date people can change their minds. In order to avoid having their insurance company pay compensation for car accidents, maybe on the advice of insurance company or insurance company solicitors, people change their minds and deliberately try to change facts and find ways to put the burden on you to pay for the accident. Having a police report will mean the facts are outlined in an official report which cannot be altered.


Medical Records And Medical Attention

If an ambulance was called to the scene of the accident then medical treatment will be given automatically, but for instances where you have to visit the hospital or GP on your own, you should never get lazy and leave an injury to chance. You will require medical records to pursue compensation for car accident. All treatment, advice and diagnosis of the injury will be detailed out in a medical report. Medical reports are used to determine what value of compensation for car accidents you receive. No injury, small or large, should be left untreated as some injuries take time to flair-up and get worse with time. Always seek medical attention after a car accident and leave nothing to chance hoping things will get better. Your health comes first!


Genuine Injury From A Car Accident

A little bruise or an injury which gets better after a few days should not be pursued for compensation for car accident. There are different types of injuries that you can suffer from a car accident, and whiplash is the most common. Whiplash can last from days to life time so a claim should be made for an injury that is justifiable. We cannot judge how serious an injury is, only you can, so if you can justify your injury and how it has affected you then it is worth pursuing. You can have a free consultation with us or your chosen personal injury solicitor to see whether you have the right criteria to get compensation for car accident. Damage to property i.e. your car, will also be included in your compensation for car accident. You may also incur other costs or loss of wages which can also be retrieved from the third party.


Avoid Insurance Company Solicitors At All Cost

We cannot stress more the fact that people should seek independent advice from personal injury solicitors rather than insurance company in-house solicitors. As any business, all businesses try to save money one way or another and insurance companies are no different. They try to save money by under valuing your compensation for car accidents. Their compensation amount offers can vary and with certainty they will offer you lower car accident compensation amounts. Compensation for car accident can run into the thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds, so get it right the first time round, as you only have one chance. Find an expert injury lawyer for your car accident claim by comparing the best injury lawyers. Take your time and find the best team to represent you.


Apply for compensation for car accident by comparing the best injury lawyers instantly, for free.

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