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Personal Injury Claim Introduction

An Introduction to Personal Injury Claims.

injury claimInjuries that arise from an accident or unpreventable circumstances are always tragic. Arguably, though, injuries that could have been prevented are even worse. When a person acts recklessly or negligently and those actions endanger or harm another person, the results can be devastating. A personal injury claim allows a victim of negligence to seek compensation from the person who was at fault, since almost every accident or injury is costly and some injuries are truly life changing.

Types of Injury Claims

There are many circumstances in which a personal injury claim may arise. These can be broken down into several broad categories, including road traffic accidents, work-related accidents, public liability accidents, medical negligence, and defective products. Each type of injury claim is handled a little differently from one another but a broad understanding of these categories can help a person determine whether he or she may be able to make a claim and what type of claim they have on their hands.

Road traffic accidents (RTA) are a common cause of personal injury. Most often, these accidents occur between two vehicles but pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists may also be hurt. Sometimes, the negligent driver's insurance may admit fault on behalf on their driver, making the claim process straightforward. In other cases, the insurance company may deny fault and coverage, leading to a lengthy injury claim process. Road traffic accidents involving uninsured drivers can also be more complicated and often require the services of an injury lawyer.

Work-related accidents also account for a substantial number of injuries that fall into this category. A work injury could be a traumatic injury caused by unsafe equipment or procedures. An injury could also be a condition that was contracted over a long-term period, such as deafness or chemical poisoning. A military accident is also essentially a work-related injury, although a military accident claim must be approached very differently because of the special rules governing people in the military.

Medical negligence and defective product claims sometimes overlap. Medical negligence can take various forms, from an inaccurate diagnosis to a surgical error. Sometimes, faulty medical devices or supplies may also contribute to or cause an injury. However, defective product claims are not limited to medical products. Any product can be made poorly, whether due to defects in design or a mistake in manufacturing. People can make defective product claims if a flawed product has injured them while they were using it as the manufacturer intended it to be used.

Finally, a public liability injury claim can be made when a person is injured in a public place. The most common type of injury in this category is a slip, trip, or fall injury due to a walkway being poorly maintained or otherwise unfit for the public. However, there are a variety of ways that people responsible for overseeing the property can fail in their duty to provide a safe place for visitors. It's not just slip, trip or falls on the footpaths but you may even fall in a supermarket and injure yourself and this would also fall under the same category of a public liability claim. Anything that endangers an individual and causes an accident, causing an injury, in a public place may result in a public liability claim.

Advice for Making Injury Claims

When an individual is preparing to make a personal injury claim, documenting the circumstances and the injury itself is important. Medical reports of the injury should be kept, as should any expense reports associated with treatment of the injury. If possible, the scene where the accident occurred should also be documented through photographs or a detailed written description, which could also be written in an accident book that should be provided by the business, company or organisation where the accident injury occurs.

The help of an injury lawyer is essential in many personal injury claims. However, when accidents do occur and they cause serious damages and expenses like wage loss or reduced future earning potential, the help of a lawyer is crucial in winning the victim appropriate compensation. Anyone who has been injured and believes that another person was at fault should make sure to seek the advice of a lawyer to determine whether a personal injury claim is justified and likely to succeed.

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