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Should You Make An Accident Claim?

When to make a claimMaybe you've been involved in an accident, be it a simple fender bender, a slip while browsing at the market, or tripping while walking amidst the city centre. It can often be hard to tell if that accident is worthy of making an accident claim. You deserve to know whether your accident warrants compensation or some other type of recompense. Read this article to see if you should make an accident claim, where we'll review different scenarios that might give you a little understanding to your situation.


Accidents That Occur In Public

There are many types of accidents that occur in public that may qualify you for a compensation claim. Did you know that if you experienced a bout of illness whilst on holiday you may be entitled to compensation? But there are many other types of public place accidents, like getting bitten by a dog or horse, getting injured while on another person's property, injury sustained while using a lift or escalator and even amusement park injuries.

For example, if you slip and trip in a public place like a supermarket, movie theatre, or bank, you may be able to make a compensation claim against the proprietor's public liability insurance policy.

Asbestos-Related Accidents

The effects of asbestos can cause many different types of injuries, including chronic illnesses and even sometimes injuries and illnesses that result in death. If you were exposed to asbestos while working for either the government or a private company, you may be eligible to make an accident claim.

But what if you don't know if you've been exposed to asbestos? There are a number of places where humans and asbestos have come into contact, including in shipyards, and even from old or shared coveralls. It's important to double-check to see if you have been employed in a position where asbestos was common.

Medical Negligence Accidents

Though the NHS strives to do its best to treat citizens, sometimes accidents and mistakes can happen. These might include surgical errors or misdiagnosis. In these instances, you may need to make an accident claim. However, medical negligence claims are much different than typical a typical accident claim. Often, it takes solicitors with special skills to deal with these cases.

Traffic And Road Accidents

Perhaps the most common claim, road traffic accidents can range from minor fender benders to major accidents where another motorist has caused you pain and suffering. Other ways you may be eligible for making a road traffic accident claim could include injuries sustained while you're a pedestrian, while riding a bicycle, or even while sitting as a passenger in someone else's vehicle. Skilled solicitors can even help you at making claims in accidents where a vehicle was uninsured or stolen.

Workplace Accidents

Did you sustain an injury while at work? Injuries can happen in virtually any profession, from bike couriers to kitchen chefs. Accidents like falling while working at a construction site or being injured while working on a farm all may be eligible for making a compensation claim.

Product Liability Claims

Sometimes manufacturers send products to market that are defective, dangerous, or otherwise unfit for humans. If you were injured because of one of these flawed products, you might want to make a compensation claim. This can include anything from an injury from a pharmaceutical product to a baby pushchair or even a defective car tyre.


Though this list includes many common types of scenarios where making a compensation claim might be a good idea, it's important to talk to a qualified, experienced solicitor who can evaluate your specific situation.

What you have to remember is, for you to warrant a compensation claim, some or something has to be held responsible for your accident where they have ben negligent. You cannot not make a claim if there is no negligence or the accident happened due to your own mistake. Whether you were injured at work, on the job, or during surgery, always seek independent professional advice before proceeding with any accident claim.


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