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Work Compensation Claim RetaliationMany times, an employee will have a legitimate compensation claim, but hesitate to go through with the claim process. They try to imagine what the response of management will be if they file a complaint, and compensation funds are subsequently recovered from their employer. They often make a decision by weighing the seriousness of the injury and the need for compensation funds against what their life will be like at their work. They may even worry about losing their job. This reason may cause them to worry excessively when they make a compensation claim. It may even cause them to drop the compensation claim altogether. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be a good idea to find out a little more about the claim process by getting a free consultation from a reputable work injury lawyer.


The ability for an employee to make a claim is instigated as a way to provide compensation to those who have been injured due to the negligence of another. The laws are designed to assign injury costs to the responsible party rather than the victim. In one sense, they are meant to provide justice, but in another, they are meant to increase the well-being of society overall. This is because shortsighted employers may feel it is in their best interests to save money by not providing safe working conditions, and simply replacing the worker if an accident occurs. The compensation plan rewards long-sighted employers who understand it is not in their best interest to participate in incapacitating their local work force.


However, many workers still feel that, in spite of the incentives for employers to take care of their employees, their particular management may not have caught the vision. They still fear retaliation. Fortunately, there is a process in place to help this situation: insurance. The instigation of the compensation claim process created a liability for companies in general. An employee with a significant claim could seriously damage a company’s finances. This created a gap in the insurance industry that was filled by the compensation claim process.


Insurance for employee injury liability is a must for any company. All companies will be required by their shareholders to have this insurance in place. Poorly managed companies who make the mistake of not having insurance will probably be making enough other mistakes to limit their longevity in the business world.


Having employer’s liability insurance allows the ability for an employee to make a compensation claim, regardless of the amount of the award, and the company does not feel a financial loss. An employer pays the same amount whether they are accident free or accident-prone. The liability for the compensation falls on the insurance company. Any employee who makes a compensation claim can rest assured knowing that their payout does not come from company funds.


Of course employers do not want their insurance premiums to rise, but that is not a major concern as long as they are providing a reasonably safe workplace. For this reason, when you get injured, their major concern is that you get your compensation quickly, and receive the treatment you need to get you back to work. This means that you are free to move forward with your legitimate compensation claim. As you do so, one of the first steps is to make sure that the company is truly at fault. You need to ask yourself honestly, did your injury come from damaged equipment, dangerous workplace conditions, or inadequate safety wear, or was it through your own carelessness. If you are injured by your own fault and are looking to force your employer to help you unfairly then you should not make a compensation claim. On the other hand if the accident or injury is due to the carelessness or neglect of your employer then find an experienced work accident claim solicitor to handle your case. You have thousands of good injury lawyers but finding an experienced injury lawyer to handle a work accident claim can be a bit more time consuming. Sieve out the work accident solicitors from the road traffic accident claim, slip, trip or fall accident claim and even public liability accident claim solicitors to find a solicitor that meets your work accident requirements. You don’t need the services of a road traffic accident solicitor so define your solicitor search based on your circumstances and requirements. Only search and find work accident claim solicitors to handle your case.

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