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No matter how safe you may drive on the road, there are many other drivers who may not be as careful as you. Whether you are the cause of an accident or the unlucky victim, unfortunately car accidents happen every day. The aftermath following the accident can be chaotic and stressful. Just trying to get the compensation from the insurance company can seem like a major task. Here are some tips when it comes to filing your car accident claim in order to receive the maximum compensation package.


If you need to file a car accident claim with your insurance company, be sure to do it to follow the correct steps and file it when you are completely ready and satisfied with your personal injury lawyer selection. In order to ensure that your claim is eligible for processing, you need to file it within three years of the accident so you have plenty of time to correctly make the necessary preparation and make the best selection for a solicitor based on your research. Although you are given up to three years to file, however, you want to file your claim in good time as cases for compensation can take months if not years, depending on the complexity of the car accident. There are certain restrictions to the rule. Children who are under the age of eighteen are not able to file a claim until they are eighteen years of age. This means that if you are involved in an accident as a sixteen year old, you will need to have a ‘litigation friend’. A parent or guardian making a claim for compensation on behalf of an injured minor is referred to as their litigation friend. The litigation friend has to be independent; therefore if a parent was to blame for the accident sustained by the child, they cannot act as their litigation friend. For example if a father driving a car with his daughter as a passenger hits another vehicle in the rear causing injuries to his daughter, he would not be able to act as her litigation friend when making the car accident claim on her behalf; however the mother, a grandparent or other close relative could act instead. However if a personal injury claim was not made, when the child turns eighteen they then have up to three years to make a claim starting from when they turn eighteen.


When filling out the reports regarding the car accident, make sure to use as specific details as possible. Not only will you be required to fill out a police report, but you will need to fill out the car accident claim information as well. The police will also make a report on the accident. If you or anyone involved in the accident received injuries due to the accident, you will need to include a doctor’s medical report, for each person, with your claim. However all this can be done by a personal injury lawyer who you eventually appoint. They will ensure that they complete and gather the necessary documentation from the different bodies. They can and will obtain the police report from the police and obtain your medical records from your GP or hospital. Be sure to get the police officers details, medical surgery/hospitals details, and the name and numbers of any one who may have witnessed the accident. Pictures are definitely helpful to your car accident claim. Although the time following an accident can be stressful, you will have an easier time at the later stages of the claim if you pay attention to these small details and have the information. You may even the compensation, faster by having this information at hand. Proof of your injury (medical records) and proof that you were not at fault (police report, witnesses, photos etc.) for the accident will significantly increase your chances of having a successful accident injury claim. Planning and meticulously following these simple steps can mean the difference in winning quickly or losing your case.


Make sure that you keep a copy all reports and other documents pertaining to the accident. Having these documents organised in case you need them for later is essential. Your personal injury lawyer will file these and use to build your claim. The insurance company for the party at fault, known as the third party, could dispute your accident or liability, so being prepared with an arsenal of documentation to prove your accident and injury is vital. Insurance companies will almost do anything to avoid paying so help your personal injury lawyer build a well-documented case. Also, keep all records of expenses that you have had in relation to the car accident. This may include property damage, letters, estimates, affidavits, and receipts. Third party insurance company will need these as evidence if your car accident claim should need further explanation of costs.


Accident Claim & Compensation Claim MarketWhen offered a settlement by the third party insurance company, make sure that you take the time to look over it closely. Often times, insurance companies will try to offer you the lowest amount of compensation possible in order to save themselves money.  Your personal injury lawyer has exceptional knowledge in filing a car accident claim therefore will be able to see if your settlement seems fair. If not then the lawyer will advise you and you may decline the offer put forward by the insurance company. Either way consult your injury lawyer prior to making any decisions.


Next time you are the unfortunate victim of a car accident, make sure that you follow the correct procedure and the simple steps in order to get as much return as possible.

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