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Accident Claim - Make Sure You Get All You Are Entitled To

Make An Accident ClaimCompanies expressly set up to make sure that people, who have been injured in some type of accident, receive all the compensation that they are entitled to according to the law are available all over the world now. In the past, the injured parties would have to do all the legwork and research for law firms that would handle the type of compensation that they were seeking. Now, law firms compete for the customer’s accident claim.


A typical accident claim is based on a situation where there is no-fault accident. If a third party is liable for your injury then you can seek compensation. If someone or something injures you then by law they are totally or partially responsible for your condition and you can make an accident claim. You should be aware that there are some strict time limits with this type of claim. In most situations, the time limit to initiate a claim is three years. This means that you must file the claim within three years of the injury. In most situations, if the time has passed the three-year mark since the injury then the claim for accident injury compensation becomes stature-barred, or time barred. This means that unless there is probable cause, the injured party will be barred from any form of compensation. As with most rules there are exceptions to the rule based on the type of personal injury and the conditions of the accident.


Getting the right legal representation for your accident claim is vital. Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to wheel and deal with injured individuals and strive to get them to settle for a nominal fee out of court. The term used to describe this type of tactic is third party capture. If the insurance companies can keep the injured party away from the lawyers and solicitors who will advise them of their potential rights and rightful compensation, then they will save money in the long run. Insurance companies will many times offer a quick settlement that is well below the true compensation price. Money in any amount is enough to sway many injured parties and prevent them from seeking legal representation and thus finding out what the real compensation amount would be. Insurers operate on the fact that a lump sum of any kind will entice them to settle, as dealing with a long, drawn-out legal process is exhausting and most people do just want to get the unpleasantness finished.


There are many different categories that fall under the accident claim. They range from slip, trip fall compensation, through work accident compensation and on to sports injury compensation, with several in between. One of the largest is naturally road traffic accident claims. Maximise your accident claim by browsing through the online compensation sites to see what the various law firms offer the injured party. After in depth research it will show what added bonuses each firm offers. Compare Compensation Claims takes the time to list and detail many personal injury firms for your convenience allowing you to ‘window shop’ before you commit to any personal injury solicitor firm.


One of the largest attractions is the ‘No-win, no fee’ bonus. If the company takes your case to court and does not win, the injured party does not pay a penny. Other bonuses include a courtesy car, upfront money for liability costs, and visits to the home by the doctor and solicitor. All of this information is available at the click of a button and takes the stress, worry and hours on end of research out of the process.


Getting the right amount of compensation for an accident claim is an entitlement of the law. Making sure that the insurance companies do not take advantage of the injured party by pressuring them to take a reduced amount of compensation is another issue. Getting the right representation will provide the injured party with the confidence to move ahead with their accident claim.


Compare hundreds of personal injury solicitors online now to get the best team for your case.

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