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Reasons Not To Wait On Making Your Injury Claim

Make An Injury Claim In TimeTiming can be everything when filing any sort of claim in a court. There are sometimes things called limitation periods. A limitation period is, simply put, the amount of time in which you have to make the claim. If you wait until the limitation period has passed, you might not be able to file your claim in a court anymore. Limitation periods differ depending on the claim being filed. An injury claim, for instance, generally has a limitation period of three years. In most cases, this means that if you do not file your claim within three years after it occurred, you may not be able to file the claim at all. There are other reasons aside from the limitation period to not wait to make your claim. Here are a few of them.

First and foremost, when it comes to injuries and accidents, the closer it is to the actual time when the event happened the more you are likely to remember. Getting all of the information that you can as soon after the event as you can manage might only work to help your case. It might not necessarily be feasible for you to start in on an injury claim if you are injured enough to be hospitalised or need some recuperation. Taking care of you should always be a first priority. However, as soon as you are able to, it can be wise to seek out help with making a claim. Getting started early is a very important part of gathering important details to help with your case.

In many instances, filing your injury claim will cost you very little to nothing at all. Lawyers who handle such claims on a regular basis will often waive the fee for your first consultation. Some might even choose not to receive any fees at all unless you actually win your claim. This is called no win no fee, where the solicitor will not charge for your case unless they win, which is recovered from the third partyís insurance company. In other words, it probably will not cost you much more than some time to get your claim started, so you might as well get it started as soon as you possibly can.

Another reason not to wait when making your injury claim has to do with your financial situation. Even if you are injured, the bills cannot wait. If you get behind in certain payments, you might start to get calls for the money that you owe. You might have medical bills that are starting to pile up. Getting your claim started quickly hopefully means that you will be able to get your financial compensation quickly as well, allowing you to take care of your bills. Also consider this, when injured you most likely will be off work healing and recovering so there is a high chance of losing money through your income. Loss of income can have a big impact on your financial situation. Making a claim can also involve recovering your loss of earnings from the third partyís insurers. Everything can be accounted for when an accident or injury affects you. Consult your injury lawyer who can add such details in your claim.

When it comes to making an injury claim, timing really can be everything. In many cases, you only have three years in which you can file for such a claim. You can imagine how difficult it could be to make a claim, say after 2 years, where gathering and locating old accident details can be. Getting started on your claim as soon as you can gives you the added benefits of remembering things more clearly, gathering important details, little to no cost for certain lawyer services, and may be able to help you out with your financial situation sooner. If you are waiting on a possible claim for an injury you have received, donít hesitate to seek some help. The sooner you get it started, the sooner you will hopefully get the financial compensation that you deserve.


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