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How Long After An Accident Can You Make A Claim? Time Limits To Make An Accident Claim

Many people are not sure of the time limit periods they have in order to make a claim. Compare Compensation Claims has listed below all accident claim categories and the time limit periods associated with them in order for you to pursue a compensation claim. By Law you must make a compensation claim within these time periods otherwise your case for compensation becomes time-barred, or statute barred, preventing you from claiming your rightful compensation. If you have special circumstances surrounding your case and the time limit period has elapsed, then you should speak to one of our advisors or a personal injury lawyer before you commit to any personal injury or accident claim.


Time Limit To Make A Claim

Road traffic accident claim (RTA)

Car accident claim – three years

Whiplash claim – three years

Passenger claim – three years

Uninsured driver /untraced driver accident claim (MIB) - three years

Pedestrian accident claim – three years

Cyclist accident claim – three years

Motorbike accident claim – three years

Slip, trip or falls accident claim

Slip, trip or fall accident claim - three year time limit period

Public liability accident claim

Supermarket accident claim – three years

Gym accident claim – three years

Shop accident claim – three years

These include any non-fault accidents when on public property i.e. shops shopping centres, gymnasiums, and even organised events etc…


Time Limit to Make An Accident At Work Claim

Work accident claim – three years

Industrial disease accident claim - is three years from the date of the accident (or date that an industrial disease was diagnosed).

Asbestos accident claim - is three years from the date of the accident (or date that an industrial disease was diagnosed).


Time Limit to Make A Violent Crime Injury

Criminal injury claim (CICA) - 2 year time limit period

Under the new Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme which came into effect in November 2008 the time limit is still two years for an application to be lodged, but there has been a tightening up of the rules in relation to any waivers of this time limit. Any application for an extension of time scales has also been tightened up and will only be considered under exceptional circumstances, although there is no indication what constitutes as ‘exceptional circumstances.’


Time Limit to Make A Military Training Exercise Injury Due To A Commanding Officer or Supervisor's Negligence, or Defective Equipment Claim

Military accident claim - 3 year time limit period

As with all compensation claims, military training accident claims are subject to a time limit. Claims of negligence against the MOD are subject to a standard three year time limit from the date of the accident. However, for claims made under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, there is a limit of five years from either the date of the original accident or the date medical advice was first sought.


Time Limit to Make A Sports Injury Claim

Full contact sports injury – three years

Football accident claim – three years

Horse riding accident claim – three years


Time Limit to Make A Medical Negligence Claim

Medical negligence claim – three yeas

Clinical negligence claim – three years

Sustaining an injury from clinical negligence where you are unaware that there has been negligence or that an injury has been suffered until a later date or another medical expert diagnosing a problem, can be many years after the original negligence occurs therefore, generally, the time period to make a compensation claim depends on either the date of the original accident or the date medical advice was first sought.


Time Limit to Make An Injury From Defective Goods, Products or Food Item Claim

Defective product claim – three years

Accident from services – three years

Faulty product accident claim – three years


Other Circumstances:

For children under eighteen years of age who have suffered an injury through no fault of their own, the time limit stands at three years from their eighteenth birthday.

Additionally, if any claimant dies during their claim for accident injury compensation, the three year deadline will begin again from the date of their death, so that the family may claim personal injury compensation in their place.


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