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Claim For Whiplash Injury

Preparing to Make Claim for Whiplash Injury.

Claim for whiplash injuryRecent changes implemented by the government have made it harder for the ordinary person to get compensation when they’ve filed a claim for whiplash injury. This difficulty extends to those who are suffering from whiplash. Whiplash constitutes a large number of the personal injuries which people experience when they have been involved in a road traffic accident, but many people forget that whiplash isn’t just the result of auto accidents. This painful condition can also happen when a person falls or while playing aggressive sports.

It is important to realise that whiplash is defined as an injury which was caused by the rapid, jerking motions of the head. The symptoms of whiplash occur because the spine has become hyper-extended and the muscles of the neck or back vertebrae have been damaged. The symptoms experienced by those who are suffering from whiplash include pain when moving the neck, stiffness of the neck, back pain, headaches, and muscular tenderness.

When individuals try to make a claim for whiplash injury, however, they are often confronted with many different difficulties. Perhaps the rising numbers of whiplash claims are responsible for the difficulties which insurance companies are giving whiplash sufferers. Whatever the motivation is, many insurance companies try to avoid making payments to those who are suffering from genuine and painful injuries or even underpay claimants.

The symptoms of whiplash may last more than six months, and if left untreated, could develop into a chronic condition. These injuries often make it difficult or impossible for the sufferer to continue working. The loss of employment, increased costs of physiotherapy, and the costs of domestic help or personal care could all be legitimate reasons to make a claim for whiplash injury. The financial support necessary for a full recovery from whiplash is often greater than an individual can reasonably afford.

If you have suffered a whiplash injury, you should quickly take some steps to ensure that you are able to benefit from a successful whiplash injury claim.

The first step is to recognise that you will need to prove that someone else was responsible for the injuries that you have suffered. Gather the names and contact information of anyone who was there to witness the accident leading to your injury. Take photos of the area where the injury occurred and photos of any vehicles which were involved in the accident.

You may also need to contact the Police. Following a road traffic accident there are circumstances which will require the attention of the Police. These circumstances could include a negligent driver without appropriate insurance, a driver who flees the scene of the accident, or a driver who admits to having a stolen vehicle. Neglecting to contact the Police could affect your claim for whiplash injury further down the line.

A very important step is to save all of the receipts you’ve received for the cost of medications, travel and treatments, and other related expenses. Even if you don’t originally intend to make a whiplash injury claim, you should keep track of your expenses and save your receipts.

When you are injured in an accident, a fall, or during sports, you may not initially understand the extent of your injuries. To protect your own interests, you should act as if you would make a claim for whiplash injury. When the time comes to involve a personal injury lawyer, your careful preparations can help you obtain the successful resolution you are hoping to achieve.

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