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Recommended Injury LawyersYou might be asking yourself ‘who is the best personal injury lawyer’ for your accident compensation claim. Well, there is no best lawyer but if you rephrase this then it may be simpler to answer. Instead of asking who is the best personal injury lawyer, ask yourself ‘who is the best-matched’ personal injury lawyer for your exact accident compensation claim.

When looking for personal injury lawyers and trying to determine who to appoint, look for certain attributes in the solicitor that will complement your EXACT accident compensation claim.


What Personal Injury Law Expertise Do They Possess?

Simple question but most often forgot to ask. It’s not car accident law, work accident law or even slip trip or fall law, it’s Personal Injury Law. Personal injury law is very broad so selecting a lawyer that undertakes your exact accident type is crucial. You should always look for a lawyer who is an expert in your accident type. It is pointless appointing a lawyer who is good at work accident claims when you have suffered a car accident injury. It makes sense right, but the truth is that most people select a lawyer based on locality or how big a firm is. We believe you should avoid doing this and select lawyers based on what type of accidents they are proficiently capable of undertaking and have vast knowledge of. Be specific and precise when it comes to selecting your personal injury lawyer. Predetermine what exact type of accident injury you have suffered from and then go on your way to finding your lawyer. The most common accident compensation claim categories are:

  • Work accident claims
  • Slip, trip or fall accident claims
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Public liability accident claims
  • Industrial disease accident claims
  • Defective product accident claims
  • Holiday accident claims
  • Sports injury accident claims
  • Military accident claims
  • Road traffic accident claims, which have other sub categories such as; car, motorbike, cyclist, passenger, bystander accidents which all have different aspects of the law applying to them. So be as precise as you can when selecting a lawyer.

How Long Have They Been Established?

Age equals experience and experience is what you should be looking for. There are literally thousands of lawyers and personal injury firms out there and this number is growing. Someone who has just recently opened a personal injury law firm will get the job done of winning your accident compensation claim but may take longer than an experienced lawyer as they will know how to go about managing your claim and negotiating a quick and fair settlement with the third party.


How Big Is The Firm?

Size does matter. A small firm maybe be overloaded with work or may not have much work on their hands at all, all signs to consider. A big firm can be a little complicated to deal with. Just imagine trying to locate a person in a crowd. Same here, trying to make contact with your personal injury lawyer in a big firm may prove to be difficult. You may not get continuous and prompt updates from your solicitor as he or she may be too busy. Finding a balance and what works best for you is the way forward because the most important person in this whole thing is YOU. Ultimately you should determine who acts on your behalf so you select what you are comfortable with.


How Will The Solicitors Help Me?

Look for solicitors who will bend backwards for you as these lawyers will try to ensure you hassle free accident compensation claim process. You don’t want a pile of paperwork, that you don't understand, arriving on your doorstep that a solicitor wants to be completed. Look for solicitors who will do all this for you by visiting you at your home and completing the documents with you. This way fewer mistakes are made and the process of making the claim will be a lot simpler. Get the solicitor do to the majority of the leg work as it’s your personal injury claim so make them work harder for your custom and give it that 'personal' touch.


Have Other People Used These Solicitors?

There is no substitute for reviews and recommendations. Not a few recommendations but instead look for reviews and recommendations made by a lot of people. Asking family and friends is a good start but the opinion of a few or some is not comparable to the opinion of thousands of people. This is where comparison sites will help you isolate the good from the bad and give you collective recommendations of a lot of previous clients. Comparison sites for personal injury lawyers will help you make clear and informative decisions as to who you select as your lawyer. Remember you have one chance, and only one chance to get this right, so get it right the first time round as accident compensation claims can run into the thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds.


Compare personal injury lawyers now for your EXACT accident compensation claim, instantly for free.

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