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Injury Solicitors - Myths Related To Personal Injury Claims

Injury SolicitorIt can be more than a little difficult trying to wade through the myths and half-truths associated with personal injury cases. Once a single piece of misinformation gets out, it can be all but impossible to prove where it originated and even more difficult to disprove unless you have the help of licensed injury solicitors.

You Have To Go To Court In Order To Win Compensation

Cases don’t always have to go to court in order for you to receive compensation. A majority of personal injury cases are actually settled out of court and won’t require any type of litigation. In most cases, it’s less expensive to settle cases outside of the court, but sometimes it’s inevitable that a case will go to court if all involved parties aren’t willing to come to an agreement.

Injury Solicitors Will Drain You Dry

Not all injury solicitors are out to take every pound you have, and not all of them are arrogant or cutthroat. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from being taken advantage of is to do research and go for tried and tested injury solicitors that other people have reviewed and recommended. Comparison sites a good way to compare injury solicitors that other people rated and used previously. There is no substitute for ‘word of mouth’ and asking family and friends is good but it won’t provide you with a broad enough range. Opinion of a few is not comparable to the opinion of thousands so this is why it is a good idea to use comparison sites where a lot of people have reviewed, rated and recommended nationwide injury solicitors. A majority of reputable solicitors will work under the “no win, no fee” principle where you don’t have to pay them anything if you lose your case.

Every Personal Injury Claim Is Long Lasting

A majority of personal injury cases can be wrapped up anywhere from three to eight months as long as there aren’t any complications regarding liability. If you sustained more serious injuries, then your case might take longer to complete. Most of your hard work will be done in the very beginning when you have to fill out paperwork, but after that your injury solicitors will do most of the heavy lifting. While there’s really no way to make personal injury claims easy and quick, your solicitor will do everything possible to make sure your case proceeds at a swift pace.

You’re Better Off Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Before you agree to anything from your insurance company regarding your personal injury, you’ll first want to consult an experienced and licensed injury solicitor. The reason for this is that insurance companies are a business, and like any business they’re about saving more money than they spend. What this means for you is that they’ll do everything possible to give you as little as they legally can for your personal injury. Injury solicitors will fight to see to it that you get as much compensation as you’re owed for your personal injury. You might be able to wrap things up faster with your insurance company, but you won’t be the victor in this scenario.

You’ll Be Fired For Making A Claim Against Your Employer

While this is a myth, very rarely does an employee get fired for making a claim for personal injury at work. You can claim for unfair dismissal if your employer decides to fire you for making a claim against them after you sustain an injury while at work. You are protected against being fired and your employer will have insurance that protects them from being sued by their own employees. If you think that you employer is responsible for your personal injury, don’t hesitate to bring a case against them.

Injury solicitors will be able to further help you separate truth from fiction when it comes to your personal injury case. If you haven’t done already, schedule a consultation with a personal injury solicitor today.

17th September 2013, 16:07

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