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Making A Compensation Claim For An Accident At Work

Workplace injury claimA workplace injury can happen as simply as you trying to retrieve a box from a tall shelf. Trying to reach and obtain the box which is improperly stacked or the box weighing too much to lift manually can cause injury.

Though many of us go to work every day hoping to simply do a good, thorough job and get home safely, sometimes we're unable to plan for everything. Add to life's general uncertainty the inherent danger in some jobs, there is, unfortunately, a probability that you may get injured at work.

Whether you're a chef, postman, or accountant, if you've been injured while at your place of work, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. If you have sustained a workplace injury, there's a process you can follow to figure out how to be properly compensated.

First, consult with a qualified and experienced solicitor who can properly evaluate your situation, but, in general, there are a number of steps you can take to fast track your claim.

In a workplace injury claim case, you would have to prove that the injury occurred due to negligence. Before you move forward with your claim, it may be best to think about what evidence you might have to underscore that negligence, though a solicitor will ultimately help you with that.

In general, the burden of keeping employees safe rests on the shoulders of the employer. Especially if you're using the company's machinery and you're working on their property. Your employer is also, mostly, responsible for providing you with the equipment and training necessary to stay safe while you perform your work tasks. This can include anything from safety glasses to proper climate accommodations.

In the United Kingdom there are limits on the amount of time that you have to make a claim against an employer. You have three years after the date of the accident to make a claim. However, this three-year period can begin either when the accident occurred, or when you realised an injury is sustained from an accident. This clause in the law may give you extra time to make a claim if your injury appeared weeks, days, or years after an inciting incident.

There are many types of accidents that can occur at work. So, in general, if you got hurt at work, chances are you might have the basis for making a claim. Some examples include falling from a height while on a construction site, being injured by factory equipment, or simply being hurt by faulty equipment at work.

You may even be able to make a claim if your co-worker assaulted or harassed you at work. If your employer failed to keep you safe from potentially dangerous co-workers, or ones who have made threats or insinuations of violence, then you may be able to make a claim against your employer's liability policy, much the same as any other workplace incident involving machinery etc.
One of the most common types of workplace injury in the United Kingdom is falling from a height. It's such a common injury that the government issued the Work at Height Regulations 2005, which protects any worker who is working up off the ground. That might be a height as little as a few feet while an employee changes a light bulb, or as major as workers washing windows on a skyscraper.

Remember, the best way to find out if your workplace related injury is worthy of a compensation claim is to consult with an experienced work accident solicitor. The right solicitor can gather the information and evidence necessary to award you the compensation you deserve for your injury, illness or stress caused by the accident.

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