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Slip, Trip, Fall Claim Essential Information

Fotolia_46269585_XSEmployers, businesses and local authorities should provide regular risk assessments in order to identify potential trip and slip hazards in the office, public areas or various workplaces. Once this duty gets breached and you get injured as a result, then you are eligible for a slip, trip, fall claim for your injuries and money lost due to being injured.

In order to attain a slip, trip or fall claim, you need to have a detailed medical record of your injury. It is required that you have undergone a medical consultation or check-up and evaluation from a doctor or any medical professional. Along with medical records, you also have to provide full details of when and how the accident occurred. Please take note that the accident happened not longer than three years ago. The earlier you provide the accident details, the higher the chance of having the slip, trip, fall claim in your hands. The more you delay it, the worse your chances become.

The compensation that you are bound to receive due to the slip, trip, fall claim includes money that you used for physiotherapy or medical treatment. It also includes your lost wages as a result of being absent at work so that you can recover and heal.

When it comes to the amount of compensation given as a result of an approved claim, it depends on a lot of factors such as the injury's severity. Thus, the amount varies depending on the case.  

A simple slip, trip or fall might only be a very small misfortune but even the smallest accident can cause injury that could lead to whiplash, broken bones and even possible paralysis. If it's other people's fault that led you to slip, trip or fall, then you have every right to fight for compensation. A slip, trip, or fall claim must not be taken for granted. A personal injury lawyer can best explain detailed information about this.

Tripping While in Public Places

If you accidentally trip or fall on a public walkway because of the dangerous state of the area, then your slip, trip, fall claim must be directed at the local council. The people responsible for maintaining the safety of public spaces should be liable for this. It is local authority duty to regularly check their pavements and make sure that people are safe when going through them on a daily basis. If you experience the same misfortune on a private property, the land owner is the negligent party.

Slipping While Shopping

Here in the UK, there are so many shopping areas around. Modern designs and finishes visibly surround these places to entice shoppers to come and go back for more. Walls and windows are beautifully decorated along with the floors.

These floors have an exquisite finish though and usually smooth and slippery. As a result, during cleaning time, you can spot caution signs around the area in order to protect shoppers from accident. If you unfortunately slip, trip or fall while shopping in these places, addressing this issue is an immediate concern. If you want to file a slip, trip, fall claim then make sure that all evidences point out to negligence of another party. Substantial proof is the only way to make your case relevant. Supportive evidence upon slipping should be strong. Are the caution signs missing before you slip? Are there enough warning signs to prevent you from walking on that slippery floor? Are the caution signs visible or are there hardly any? These are vital questions for your slip, trip, fall claim.

Just like with any other personal injury claim, strong evidence is critical for better results. To get further positive response, try having a CCTV copy of the exact incident recorded on camera. If this convenience is allowed, you can make a very strong claim. Whether it be a mall or any other shopping place, always keep in mind that no one would want to lose customers and money because of accidents.

Compensation Amount

When it comes to the slip, trip, fall claim amount that would be awarded, the court will evaluate the severity of the injury. The court will take into consideration the levels of distress and pain it caused you along with medical treatment costs and also your loss of earnings along with your out of pocket expenses due to the accident.

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