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Road Traffic Accident Claims

Fotolia_71531814_XSRoad traffic accident claims depend on what type of accident actually occurred. These types of claims are applicable in order to give protection to car drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bikers and cyclists. You can make a road traffic accident claim for direct and personal injuries like:

Airbag injury
Whiplash injury
Child restraints injury
Seat belt injury

Road accidents happen due to different reasons but whatever reason it may be, you need to prove that it was the person who you are making a claim against is at fault.  Being unable to prove that it's not your fault can make it impossibly difficult. Usually, car accidents happen mainly because of:


This reason ranges from eating or drinking, mobile phone use, changing car music, to drug or alcohol usage while behind the wheel.

Weather Conditions

Road accidents also happen a lot in instances caused by intense weather conditions like rainy weather, icy roads and snow.

Bad Road Maintenance

Lack of proper road maintenance is also among the leading causes of road accidents. Examples of this are poor road signs, construction, and potholes.

Malfunction of Car

A system failure in one of the devices of the car leads to road accidents. Usually, the equipment that fail in cars are brakes, steering wheel malfunction and poor road tyre traction.


Important Things to Do When Involved in a Road Traffic Accident

After a collision or accident, there is a lot of confusion, but despite of this, you need to do the following in order to gain grounds for a successful road traffic accident claim:

Share your information with the other party concerned. You need to obtain and forward each others' names, phone number, insurance details, car registration numbers and addresses.

Take pictures of the accident. It provides a more visual explanation of the accident. This will also assist you in keeping track of where and how the traffic accident happened.

Take note of the car model, year, colour, and amount of damage received.

If there are witnesses present during the time of the road traffic accident, it is best that you also take down their information.

Refrain from elaborating issues of the road traffic accident such as who was wrong and reporting to the insurance companies.

Be certain that you report the accident to the police. This will help you, just in case there are future disagreements that might arise with the other party concerned.

Notify your insurance company about the road traffic accident from home. You should do this, as soon as you can.


Road Traffic Accident Claim Process

Road traffic accident claims must be made immediately after the occurrence of the accident. Get medical assistance right away and ensure that you get a doctor's diagnosis for this will be helpful when declaring the road traffic accident and making a claim. Medical records are critical and the inforamtion contained in these detail out your injury in full.

In the UK, it is highly important to seek legal representation to aid you with your road traffic accident claim

Claiming Compensation

In order to make an effective road traffic accident claim, there has to be clear proof that the accident was caused by the other party's negligence. In order to further understand this, doctor/hospital documentation is required as it will show the extent of your injuries along with the time it could take you to recover.

Days missed from work must also be included as proof of loss of income as a direct result of the road traffic accident. With no proof such as the things listed above, you could put your road traffic accident to chance and may have an unsuccessful claim on your hands. Documentation is essential in order to establish the amount of compensation that must be awarded.


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