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Burn Injury Compensation Claim

Burns and scalds can be extremely painful, and they can be one of the most serious types of injury that a person can sustain. The results can get very ugly like having permanent scarring which can affecting you physicall and mentally.

Depending on the affected area, one may have to resort to amputation if, for example, the limb gets seriously damaged. Plastic or cosmetic surgery can also be an option to restore or repair the damaged or disfigured area. Severe scarring may cause limited mobility to the victim and may also affect him or her psychologically.

Although we often associate burn with heat, it can also be caused by something cold, electrical, radiation, chemicals, sunlight, or even friction. On the other hand, scalds are caused by hot liquids or steam.

Around 175, 000 people per year are brought to Accident and Emergency departments due to burns; 10 percent of these people would require treatment via a specialist unit, according to BMJ. The NHS also reports that there are 37, 000 children who are injured due to burns and scalds, with 76% of them under the age of five.

If you have suffered burn or scalding due to the negligence of the another party then you may be able to make a burn injury compensation claim.

Types of Burns

Burns are normally classified into three categories: first degree, second degree, and third degree burns. However, in some occasions, they may be classified as being fourth, fifth, and so on.

First Degree Burns

Most minor burns belong to this category. This type of burn will normally make the skin appear red as the top layer of the skin (called the epidermis) is damaged. Normally, there's no blistering visible with this kind of burn. A certain level of pain will be felt by the victim, and depending on the affected area, it normally goes away after a little while.

Second Degree Burns

Second degree burns are considerably more serious than first degree burns. They are also more painful with the skin looking bright red and some blisters forming, which may lead to infection. Fluid loss can also result if the burn affects more than 10% of the body, resulting to shock.

Third Degree Burns

Third degree burns, also known as full thickness burns, are the most serious, completely damaging the skin and can extend to the muscles, ligaments and tendons beneath. Since the nerves that interpret pain can get affected, the victim may not feel any pain compared to the second degree type of burn, but it is serious enough to cause deaths, depending on the injury. Healing usually takes longer and scarring will almost be permanent.


Burn Injuries Can Happen Anywhere

Burning and scalding injuries are quite common, and they can happen anywhere and anytime. An office is often perceived as a risk-free environment, but you may still get burns or scalding because of electronic equipment. Employers have the responsibility to ensure that safety practices are observed in the workplace. They also need to ensure that machinery and tools are in perfect working condition to keep them from becoming sources of burns and scalds.

These types of injuries can also happen on the road. Motor vehicles can catch on fire and burn the people involved in an accident. Regardless of the circustances, you can file for a burn injury compensation claim if you are not at fault for the injury you suffered.


Burn Injury Compensation Claim

If the burning or scalding is a result of your own negligence, then you may not be able to make a claim. However, if the injury is again caused by another party, then a burn injury compensation claim can be made. For example, if you are working in an office and you get a burnt due to faulty electrical equipment, then you may make a claim, provided that you can prove that the company failed to perform their duties to ensure that everything was safe in your workplace. If the employer is proven to be negligent, then you have a high probability of making a successful burn injury compensation claim.

There may not be enough money in the world to perfectly compensate the pain and suffering that you have to endure, or seeing your loved child suffer, but getting the right compensation will certainly help you lessen your burden of all the expenses you have to incur as you or your child recovers.

The best time to get a personal injury solicitor to file for a burn injury compensation claim is always as soon as you can while you can still clearly remember the details of the accident. Your personal injury lawyer will also help you prepare all the necessary documents to build a strong case. At Compare Compensation Claims, you can select from among the many competent personal injury solicitors in the UK. Always make sure to pick someone who has shown credibility in the type of claim that you make. 


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