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Bus Passenger Injury Compensation Claim

Generally speaking, buses and coaches are a very safe mode of transport, with millions of people in the UK using them for every day travel including to and from work. Coach and bus companies in the UK also make sure that their vehicles are well maintained and require extensive training from those who will drive their buses and coaches. The government has also implemented some measures to make sure that the public transport in the UK observes the highest level of health and safety standards.

Still, accidents can happen due to various reasons. Some of these accidents have few or no casualties while others have more serious ones.  In 2015, the number of reported deaths across Great Britain due to bus accidents is 4,790, which is so much lower compared to the 7,998 recorded deaths in 2004. Bus or coach accidents can be caused either by loss of control resulting from dangerous road conditions, mechanical failure or collisions. When passengers, either sitting or standing, get thrown around in the bus because of improper restrains, they can get injuries including whiplash, cuts, bruises, fractures, and even head injuries.

If you have been injured as a passenger of a bus or coach, the law entitles you to make a claim for personal injury compensation. The bus passenger injury claim that you make will compensate you for the pain and suffering you experience as a result of the accident. It will also cover all the expenses - including medical expenses, travel fees, long-term care, rehabilitation and/or loss of earnings etc.


What To Do In The Event Of A Bus Accident Injury

Immediately after the collision or accident, your first priority should be your safety and those you travel with like your family or friends. Call emergency services to get medical attention. Your medical records will also have a bearing on the claim that you make. If the police are at the scene, answer all their questions with regard to the cause of the accident.

After you have received treatment for any injuries you had, you may now consider your legal options. The claim that you make for bus passenger injury compensation will be either against the insurance policy of the coach or the bus driver (or the owner of the bus or coach if applicable), or against the insurance company of another road user responsible for the accident. If the accident happened because of poorly maintained or badly designed road, the claim can be made against the local council, or the Highways Agency.


Consult A Personal Injury Solicitor Who Specialises In Bus Accident Injury

If you are planning to make a claim as an injured bus passenger, expert legal advice from a personal injury solicitor can make the real difference. An expert bus passenger personal injury solicitor will be able to gauge the evidence available and determine if the bus claim is worth pursuing. He or she will also investigate the circumstances of the accident to ensure that the claim to be made is directed to the correct party at fault. Nevertheless, as in any other accident claim, you should be able to show evidence of personal damages and injury for your bus passenger injury compensation claim. We advise you keep your travel ticket(s) and any other relevant evidence to support you claim as a bus passenger.

You should also try to figure out if you, in any way, can be held responsible for the accident. Your claim for bus passenger injury compensation will diminish if there are any reasons that will prove that this is the case. This is also one reason why it is advised to hire a personal injury solicitor who can help you make a successful bus passenger accident claim against the correct party.

At Compare Compensation Claims, you can compare the services and qualifications of some of the top UK personal injury solicitors and pick a solicitor who can handle your case best. Always choose one that has a good track record with the type of claim that you are making. Thus, you can increase your chance of success for bus passenger injury compensation. Most of these solicitors also offer a “no win no fee” basis, so you will not have to pay for the legal fees in case you lose.


Compare the best bus passenger injury solicitors in confidence.

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