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Taxi Passenger Injury Claim

Today, more and more people prefer the convenience of riding a taxi to get around the city. After a night of partying and drinking, taking a taxi ride home will save you from trouble with the police for drink driving and the dangers of the road. But as with all other modes of transportation, taxis have the potential for road traffic accidents.

Taxi drivers are experienced users of the road, and they are licensed to transport passengers, yet even so they are not exempted from accidents. If you, as a passenger, have been involved in an accident, you may claim taxi passenger injury compensation.

What to Do in the Event of a Taxi Accident

If you plan to file for injury compensation, there are measures that you need to take for a successful claim.

First, be sure to obtain the taxi's information, including contact information of the taxi driver, taxi registration number, the company name and contact number (do not forget to get the information of the taxi driver as it will be useful for future negotiations). If you can also get the information of others who were involved in the accident and witnesses then do so to make a stronger case when you file for taxi passenger injury compensation.

Moreover, taking photographs will help in assessing the amount of your claim. You are also encouraged to take pictures of the injuries you sustain.

Of course, you have all the reason to panic in such an event, but that will not help at all. Stay calm and try to recall the details from before the accident to the crash or collision. Put this into writing to help you narrate the incident better.

More importantly, make sure that you get proper medical attention. Some injuries like whiplash may take a couple of days for symptoms to show up. Your medical records will also be used to back up your claim and help determine the amount that you will receive for your taxi passenger injury compensation.

Making a Taxi Accident Claim

Finally, you can make a claim for compensation - what you should accomplish is to prove that someone else is at fault for the accident for your claim to be successful. A personal injury solicitor will be your best ally to help you build a strong case for your taxi passenger injury compensation claim. At Compare Compensation Claims, you can compare some of the top UK personal injury solicitors to increase your chance of winning the case. Several of these compensation claims solicitors also offer a "no win no fee" deal which is real good news to those who are hesitant to invest financially for a personal injury solicitor without the assurance of winning the claim.

Where Your Compensation Claim comes from

Your claim will come from someone who is responsible for the accident - either from the taxi driver/company insurance, from another driver who may have caused your accident, or from a local authority if for example the cause of the accident was a poorly maintained road.

As a passenger, the law entitles you to a taxi passenger injury claim whether it's the taxi driver's fault, the other party, or local authorities for accident prone roads or constructions. The claim that you will make will also help aware the local authorities regarding the dangers of the road in their area, prompting them to address the problem for the safety of other road users. The financial compensation will help cover your medical expenses as well as the earnings you may lose for being absent because of the accident.

Appoint the best Taxi passenger injury compensation claim solicitor.

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