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Pedestrians Injured in Road Traffic Accidents

Using the road, as a driver or a pedestrian, has certain risks. In order to protect drivers from serious injuries or even death, car companies have designed cars with safety features. As a pedestrian, however, you do not have this form of protection to protect you from the worst injuries should an accident happen. Being hit by a car even at a slow speed can end up in serious injuries and could result in life changing implications.

If you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, and you were not at fault for the accident but the third party driver drove recklessly, then you are entitled to make a pedestrian injury compensation claim.



What Should I Do To Make A Successful Pedestrian Accident Claim?

To make a successful pedestrian injury compensation claim, you must be able to prove the injury you suffered was real and that it was caused by a third party. You do this by presenting medical records to back up your claim. Your record should also clearly indicate the severity of the injury. The next thing that you need to do, which is the more challenging part, is to prove that it is the driver who is at fault for the accident, that they failed to meet their duty of care to you. The common calculation of contributory negligence favors the pedestrian over the driver at 60/40. Thus, the driver has more responsibility in ensuring your safety as a pedestrian.


What Help Should I Get?

If you believe that you qualify for a pedestrian injury compensation claim, the best thing to do is to consult with a personal injury solicitor who will know how to strengthen your case to make a successful claim. At Compare Compensation Claims, you can check your options by comparing some of the top UK personal injury solicitors. Always pick the one who specialises in your particular type of case to increase your chance of success. One benefit of consulting with a personal injury solicitor first is that you will be able to fully understand your case and if it’s worth pursuing the claim. Some solicitors offer a free of charge consultation and will take your case with a “no win no fee” basis.


What Should I Remember To Do Following The Accident?

The first thing that you should do following the accident is to contact the emergency services. Your priority should be your well-being and getting treatment or medical attention should come first. The police will note the details of the accident and you will need these records to bolster your pedestrian injury compensation claim in the future.

If possible, to help your case, make sure to gather information from the witnesses of the accident, including their names, contact information, and addresses. Take photographs as well of the accident, and report the incident immediately to the Police. If you want complete reimbursement of all the expenses you shelled out following the accident, you should keep the receipts of all the prescription and travel expenses you would not have otherwise incurred. All of these expenses will be covered in your pedestrian injury compensation claim.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you will need weeks or months, or even years to recover. Getting back on track can be slow and frustrating sometimes; that is why getting properly compensated for the accident is one way to help.


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