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  • Personal Injury Solicitors In UK
    Personal injury solicitor in the UK is a huge industry. There are literally thousands & thousands of personal injury solicitors in the UK so making a selection for your exact accident injury claim can be more difficult than your imagine.
    18th July 2013
  • Workplace Accident Compensation: Essential Facts
    If you’re unfortunate to experience an accident at work, where it was not your fault and you suffer(ed) a workplace injury, then you are eligible for workplace accident compensation. Like with all accident compensation claims, it is required you to prove that the injury, disease or illness was due to the result of negligence of another party. If you are injured at work then your employer should be responsible for any negligence. Once you acquire a personal injury solicitor, you will be assisted in gathering all evidences for presenting the claim to the employer's insurer.
    18th June 2018
  • Making A Car Accident Compensation Claim
    Accidents can happen anywhere, no matter how careful you are, you may still find yourself in an unfavourable situation. A car accident can happen regardless of how careful you are as a driver. If it happened to you, and you know that you are not the one at fault, then you may file a car accident compensation claim.
    20th May 2018
  • Pedestrians Injured in Road Traffic Accidents
    Using the road, as a driver or a pedestrian, has certain risks. In order to protect drivers from serious injuries or even death, car companies have designed cars with safety features. As a pedestrian, however, you do not have this form of protection to protect you from the worst injuries should an accident happen. Being hit by a car even at a slow speed can end up in serious injuries and could result in life changing implications.
    17th January 2018
  • Taxi Passenger Injury Claim
    Today, more and more people prefer the convenience of riding a taxi to get around the city. After a night of partying and drinking, taking a taxi ride home will save you from trouble with the police for drink driving and the dangers of the road. But as with all other modes of transportation, taxis have the potential for road traffic accidents.
    30th November 2017
  • How To Get Compensation For Work Accident
    How do you get compensation for a work accident? Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have shown that there are approximately 600,000 employees a year who suffer from an injury caused at work. Almost half of these accidents result in the injured person, on average, to take one week or more off from work. No matter what type of work you do, may it have high or low risk to accidents, every employee deserves to be compensated for the harm that has been caused at the work place. Read this to see if you are eligible to make a work accident compensation claim.
    18th February 2017
  • Tips To Make A Personal Injury Claim In Scotland
    If you had suffered an accident or injury and it someone else's fault, you are fully entitled to compensation. Here are top 10 tips on how to successfully obtain compensation after getting into an accident or suffering from an injury.
    25th August 2016
  • Football Injury Compensation
    Exercise is good for you and playing sports such as football, one of UK's favourites, is both healthy and fun. You can reap plenty of benefits from playing football, including a healthy life, psychological well-being, and keeping your self in top shape.
    11th August 2016
  • Broken Bone Compensation Claim
    Breaking a bone or sustaining a fracture is a painful and miserable experience. Depending on how bad the accident is, recovery may take a short time or a long time to heal. A broken bone commonly needs six to eight weeks to heal, whilst others could be a lot more complicated. Serious cases are especially troublesome, aside from long-term recovery, because it may mean you have to give up your current job or make you lose your ability to live independently.
    26th July 2016
  • Burn Injury Compensation Claim
    Burns and scalds can be extremely painful, and they can be one of the most serious types of injury that a person can sustain. The results can also really be very ugly like permanent scarring, and in some cases may even result to death.
    9th July 2016
  • Industrial Deafness Claims
    Injuries can happen in a work place, and some of these injuries do not immediately show symptoms. In fact, it may take years before you realize that you have developed an injury. One of them is industrial deafness. Long-term exposure to noise in the workplace can cause this problem. Often, people think that loss of hearing is a common consequence of ageing, without realizing that the problem can be traced back to their work in the past years ago. Often it’s in their retirement before people notice that their hearing is starting to get impaired.
    24th June 2016
  • Bus Passenger Injury Compensation Claim
    Generally speaking, buses and coaches are a very safe mode of transport, with millions of people in the UK using them for every day travel including to and from work. Coach and bus companies in the UK also make sure that their vehicles are well maintained and require extensive training from those who will drive their buses and coaches. The government has also implemented some measures to make sure that the public transport in the UK observes the highest level of health and safety standards.
    2nd May 2016
  • Motorbike Injury Claim
    Motorcyclists make up only 1% of the road users, but according to statistics, there were 5,656 killed or severely injured motorcyclists while there were 9,834 people killed or seriously injured in car accidents. Figures show that approximately 19% of accidents that are reported by motorcycle drivers result in serious injuries or death. Take care to find the best motorbike injury claim solicitor to get you maximum compensation.
    10th September 2015
  • Whiplash-Associated Disorder Claim
    Whiplash is a relatively common injury to a person’s neck which results from the whipping or jerking action of the head, most commonly from vehicle accidents. It describes the injury to both the bone structure and soft tissues of the neck. “Whiplash associated disorders” refers to a more severe and chronic condition.
    30th July 2015
  • Sports Injury Compensation - The Essential Facts You Need to Know
    Playing sports is one effective way to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle but like with everything else, it also comes with risks. There is no one hundred percent guarantee that an injury won’t occur while playing sports. Even if it is played in a proper way, still there are unexpected accidents that could cause minor or major injuries. There will always be a risk, however small or big it may be. Sometimes, even if the person playing is doing the best he can to prevent injuries, the risk still lingers as the game goes on. Thus, any person who agrees to play sports knows the natural level of risk of injury. However, if an injury happens while not part of normal play, a sports injury compensation is possible.
    24th March 2015
  • Road Traffic Accident Claims
    Road traffic accident claims depend on what type of accident actually occurred. These types of claims are applicable in order to give protection to car drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bikers and cyclists. You can make road traffic accident claims for direct and personal injuries like: Airbag injury Whiplash injury Child restraints injury Seat belt injury
    26th January 2015
  • Defective Product Claim: Learn Your Rights!
    Have you been scared of consumer programs that featured horrific stories on teddy bears having sharp needles sticking out and bread toasters that blow up? Never worry, for these types of shows get fewer and fewer each day. This is due to the work of government regulators, safety officers and most especially, consumer groups. However, we can never say that it is one hundred percent clear. Defective products somehow still manage to get through the net and fall into shops. Sometimes this leads to minor problems or even to tragic incidents.
    3rd December 2014
  • Slip, Trip, Fall Claim – Essential Information
    Employers, businesses and local authorities should provide regular risk assessments in order to identify potential trip and slip hazards in the office, public areas or various workplaces. Once this duty gets breached and you get injured as a result, then you are eligible for a slip, trip, fall claim for your injuries and money lost due to being injured.
    3rd November 2014
  • When Should You Claim Personal Injury?
    The medical bills, and other injury related expense, that can result from a car accident or other accident that results in a personal injury can often be staggering, and when you are short on funds to begin with you may be wondering how you will ever pay for those costs. If your accident was caused by someone other than yourself, you may be wondering if you should claim personal injury. Knowing when and how to go about doing so doesn’t have to be difficult, and the sooner you act the sooner you will get the just compensation that you feel you deserve.
    6th February 2014
  • Injury or Accident? What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer
    Most often than not, we’re able to get through our daily lives with little conflict, dropping children off at school, then to work and home again. But what if your very normal day has taken a sudden turn for the worse leaving your regular routine nothing but a distant memory? Instead of heading home from your job, you are involved in an accident and sustain injuries and now if you are in hospital and unable to work, whom do you turn for help?
    28th January 2014
  • What You Should Know About Filing A Personal Injury Claim
    Filing a personal injury claim shouldn’t be confusing, but it can be if you don’t have a good understanding of how the process works. In order to receive fair compensation for your injuries, here are a few things that you should know about what qualifies as a personal injury, how to make your claim, and other information that will help you to understand the claim filing process a little bit better.
    23rd January 2014
  • Pursuing Compensation After A Personal Injury
    Suffering from an injury, especially a severe and unexpected one, can be a devastating experience. Knowing how to handle this kind of situation can be difficult and overwhelming for almost anyone. During this time, it's important to understand that, if you have been injured because of another person’s negligence, you can take action by seeking compensation from that them. The advice of a solicitor is usually essential if you choose to pursue an injury compensation claim, but a broad understanding of this compensation is a good starting point for deciding what your options are.
    20th January 2014
  • When To Seek Help From Injury Lawyers
    Every day injuries occur that may require the help of injury lawyers in the UK. When you hire a lawyer, you get help making your accident compensation claim. You also get a team of solicitors who are on your side through the entire process of your claim. This ensures that you get the right financial sum to make your situation right. The following are common cases when to consider contacting a lawyer for help.
    17th January 2014
  • Make Your Personal Injury Claim Today
    Thousands of injuries occur throughout the UK each day requiring the help of accident claim solicitors and personal injury lawyers to resolve the situations. Whether you have been injured in a road accident, on the property of another individual, or because of clinical negligence, learn why it is important to file your personal injury claim as soon as possible.
    13th January 2014
  • What To Consider When Choosing Injury Solicitors
    When deciding on which injury solicitors would be the right fit for your case, it can be tempting to telephone the first solicitor that you remember seeing on the television. While there are many catchy and interesting commercials, there may be a better solicitor out there for you.
    8th January 2014
  • Helpful Information About Accident Claims & Compensation
    Traffic accidents and work-related accidents happen on a daily basis, and you never know when you might become the victim of another person’s negligence. If you are involved in an accident because of someone else’s fault, you shouldn’t be stuck with the bill for medical services for physical damage, psychological damage, or property damage that results from the accident. In order to receive financial compensation to help you deal with all of these expenses, it is important that you learn more about accident claims and how to get the compensation that you need and deserve.
    6th January 2014
  • Making A Compensation Claim For An Accident At Work
    Whether you're a chef, postman, or accountant, if you've been injured while at your place of work, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. If you have sustained a workplace injury, there's a process you can follow to figure out how to be properly compensated. Consult a work accident compensation claim solicitor today to see whether you have sufficient grounds to make a workplace injury claim.
    2nd January 2014
  • How To Select The Best Injury Lawyer & Claim For Compensation
    When you are seeking a claim for compensation, you will need the assistance of a highly qualified claim solicitor. This professional will be able to assist you through each of the necessary steps toward a successful resolution. The bad news is that there are so many different solicitors that finding the best one for your situation may be overwhelming. The good news is that you can have access to help from the UK’s best compensation claim company. When you know just what you are looking for in your solicitor, you’ll have good chances of choosing the best solicitor you can find.
    30th December 2013
  • Should You Make An Accident Claim?
    Maybe you've been involved in an accident, be it a simple fender bender, a slip while browsing at the market, or tripping while walking amidst the city centre. It can often be hard to tell if that accident is worthy of making an accident claim. You deserve to know whether your accident warrants compensation or some other type of recompense. Read this article to see if you should make an accident claim, where we'll review different scenarios that might give you a little understanding to your situation.
    24th December 2013
  • What Is Involved In A Claim For Injury?
    Many people suffer injuries from accidents that were not their fault. These occurrences are unfortunately quite common and are never pleasant experiences, especially for law-abiding citizens who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is comforting to know that if you are not at fault, you have legal remedies available to help you cope with the financial burden and stress if you are injured in an accident. Here are the answers to some of the more common questions regarding the process involved in a claim for injury.
    20th December 2013
  • Personal Injury Claims & Injury Solicitors
    When you have been injured because of another person’s carelessness, you stand to lose a great deal. Initially, you’ll probably experience some level of discomfort, perhaps some inconvenient aches or perhaps some severe pain and significant injuries. Along the way, you’ll discover that the costs of your pain can be very high. The medical bills, physiotherapy, property damage loss or repair and any lost wages can all add up to financial difficulties which you are unprepared to pay for. Eventually, you will most likely discover that the emotional effects of your injury must also be faced. Fortunately, these are struggles which you do not have to face alone, when you pursue a personal injury claim, you invite an experienced solicitor to aid you in your recovery.
    18th December 2013
  • How To Go About Making A Compensation Claim
    Suffering any sort of injury in a public space or on the job can be very frustrating and challenging. It can make it very difficult to get back to your full capacity to work and make a living. It can make it difficult to do simple everyday tasks. If your injury is actually the result of someone else being negligent, then you should not have to suffer and be left with bills, expenses and loss of wages from your inability to work. Even knowing that there is compensation to be had, some people hesitate to make a compensation claim because they do not know how to go about it or are nervous about how recent changes in injury law might affect their particular case. Here is some information on how to effectively go about making your compensation claim.
    16th December 2013
  • Injury Compensation Claims
    When you become injured, you may wonder whether or not you can make an injury compensation claim. Each individual’s circumstances are different and each may require a different set of requirements, but chances are that your injury compensation solicitor will help you to make a claim and receive compensation. The following are some of the criteria that you must meet in order to make an injury compensation claim.
    11th December 2013
  • Personal Injury Claim Introduction
    Injuries that arise from an accident or unpreventable circumstances are always tragic. Arguably, though, injuries that could have been prevented are even worse. When a person acts recklessly or negligently and those actions endanger or harm another person, the results can be devastating. A personal injury claim allows a victim of negligence to seek compensation from the person who was at fault, since almost every accident or injury is costly and some injuries are truly life changing.
    9th December 2013
  • Claim For Slip, Trip, Fall Accident
    It is a fact of life that accidents do happen. Sometimes slip, trip or fall accidents can be the result of negligent corporations, authorities, or individuals. In response to circumstances such as these the legal system has developed a system to assign responsibility where appropriate and require negligent parties to provide the financial means to allow the victims of their negligence recover and get back to normal life. For instance, individuals who have been injured as a result of a slip, trip, or fall as the result of a badly maintained floor or path can receive compensation if fault can be associated with a negligent local authority. If you have been injured in such an accident and are wondering whether you are entitled to a personal injury compensation claim you may have a number of questions about the process. Listed here are a few tips and factors you may wish to consider in deciding whether to pursue your claim for accident injuries or not.
    6th December 2013
  • UK Personal Injury Lawyers
    Most people do not really think much about hiring a solicitor until of course, they need one. Such is the case when someone is involved in an accident that results in severe injury, debilitation or even death. Many times, people are still trying to come to terms with the devastating shock of it all, whilst not knowing that this is the time they are most needing personal injury lawyers to shed their critical insight and advice. Whether you are recovering in a hospital or are staring at the multitude of bills and expenses, someone needs to be fighting on your side for compensation.
    4th December 2013
  • Make A Claim For Personal Injury
    When can someone claim for personal injury? There are many times in a person’s life when they may become injured or hurt to the point of rehabilitation or intense medical care. The good news is that in some situations the individual does not have to be left paying for damages, losses, bills and expenses. If you were injured as a result of someone else’s actions or neglect then you may be able to make a claim for personal injury. The following are times when you may be able to make a personal injury claim.
    2nd December 2013
  • Car Insurance Claims
    Key factor to remember here is to know who is at fault for the accident when making a car insurance claim for damages or personal injury. You only make a car accident claim with your own insurance company if you were at fault for the accident. You should NOT make a car accident claim on your own insurance policy if the other/third party is at fault. When you file a claim with your own personal insurance company, this is known as a ‘first party’ claim. A ‘third party’ claim is when you need to make a claim with the other/third party’s insurance company, and NOT with your own, when the third party is at fault for the accident and NOT you.
    29th November 2013
  • How To Make An Injury Claim
    Not too long ago, the HSE, or Health and Safety Executive reported that only about a sixth of those employees who were injured at work went on to report their work-related injuries. Why are these numbers so low? There may be multiple factors when it comes to the reluctance of employees to make a claim, but one common cause might simply be that workers don’t know the steps necessary as to how to make injury claim. If you have suffered from an injury, whether at work or elsewhere, you should understand the importance of making that claim. You put yourself at risk of great loss if you don’t at least prepare for making a claim.
    26th November 2013
  • Claim For Injury At Work
    When you get hurt or injured at work, you may worry about taking the correct actions to see that the accident is properly recorded. Hopefully, your employer has an accident book where you can sketch out the details of the accident and the injuries which you have suffered. There may be a place to record the date, the time, and any witnesses to the accident as it took place. Without this type of workplace accident book, you should still write out the details of the event and gather information from any witnesses as well. For your protection you should send a copy of this document to your boss and keep a copy for yourself as well. If the time comes to make a claim for injury at work, then your attention to detail at this time will be of great benefit to you later.
    22nd November 2013
  • Compensation For Car Accident
    The number of road accidents in the UK is high; some estimates place this number as high as two million a year. Fortunately, many of these accidents are minor and don’t result in personal injuries. However, any traffic accident can present a great deal of inconvenience and may result in expensive fees, repairs, or even losses due to discomfort. When you are involved in a road accident, you may find that the results of that accident have left you with hefty expenses which must be met. If the accident happened through the negligence of another party, then you may be entitled to pursue compensation for car accident and personal injury.
    18th November 2013
  • Compensation For Whiplash
    When you are suffering from whiplash because of another person’s negligence, you should take a few minutes to find out more about how you can claim compensation for whiplash. In the UK, most of the claims regarding whiplash come about because of a road traffic accident. This type of injury makes up a large portion of those claims which are made for motor injury compensation.
    14th November 2013
  • Make Injury Claim
    Are you in a situation where you must consider the option whether or not to make injury claim? If you have found yourself in this position, then you may be feeling overwhelmed and confused, on top of the emotions which are a result of the events leading up to your injury. It is important that you recognise that you need to take prompt actions, even though you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous. This is because you want to act when all of the details are still fresh in your mind and because some of the laws governing compensation following an injury claim have a specific amount of time within which you must make your claim.
    11th November 2013
  • Work Injury Compensation
    Suffering from an injury at work is unfortunate. As much as you would like to avoid all injuries, there are often circumstances beyond your control. When these circumstances lead to a work injury, then you are entitled to pursue work injury compensation. This situation often requires the assistance of an injury lawyer. The process to make a claim can be very confusing and if the claim isn’t handled correctly, you may end up suffering the consequences for a very long time. The risks to you are high and the process is complicated; this is why you need to assistance of a qualified lawyer.
    7th November 2013
  • Claim For Whiplash Injury
    Recent changes implemented by the government have made it harder for the ordinary person to get compensation when they’ve filed a claim for whiplash injury. This difficulty extends to those who are suffering from whiplash. Whiplash constitutes a large number of the personal injuries which people experience when they have been involved in a road traffic accident, but many people forget that whiplash isn’t just the result of auto accidents. This painful condition can also happen when a person falls or while playing aggressive sports.
    4th November 2013
  • How To Make A Car Injury Claim
    If you have recently an injury because of a car accident because of another person’s negligence, then you don’t have to suffer the effects of that accident with no relief. With the assistance of a qualified lawyer, you may be able to establish the fault of the other party and you may be able to receive compensation for the damages, losses, and injuries from which you are suffering. On your own, seeking compensation can be difficult, but with the assistance of a lawyer, you’ll understand how to make a car injury claim and you will have better hopes of successfully pursuing a maximum claim.
    31st October 2013
  • Claim For Injury In Car Accident
    When you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, then you will be confronted by many different emotions and concerns. This can be a confusing time and, yet, you will still be expected to carry on with your typical responsibilities and may even be expected to take on new tasks. One thing that might be furthest from your mind is deciding whether or not to make a claim for injury in car accident. However, there are some very good reasons to consider making this claim.
    28th October 2013
  • Claim For Back Injury
    It may be a bit more difficult to get a satisfactory response when you claim for back injury than it has been in the past, however. Recent changes put into place by the government have increased the risk for those who have suffered a personal injury. This move was probably prompted because of media pressure regarding “compensation culture” and also as an effort to slow the numbers of people who are seeking reimbursement after suffering an injury. While this might sound good on paper, when you find yourself in the position of having been injured, you might feel that those who were responsible should have a hand in making things right again.
    25th October 2013
  • Claim For Accident Injury Compensation Using Recommended Injury Lawyers
    You might be asking yourself ‘who is the best personal injury lawyer’ for your accident compensation claim. Well, there is no best lawyer but if you rephrase it then it may be simpler to answer. Instead of asking who is the best personal injury lawyer, ask yourself ‘who is the best-matched’ personal injury lawyer for your exact accident compensation claim. When looking for personal injury lawyers and trying to determine who to appoint, look for certain attributes in the solicitor that will complement your EXACT accident compensation claim.
    13th October 2013
  • 5 Ways To Find A Great Injury Solicitor
    After you’ve been in an accident, it is really important to find a great lawyer to help you with your legal issues. Personal injury claims can be very complicated and may take an incredibly long time to sort out. There are a lot of personal injury solicitors out there, so how do you know who is right for you? Here are five ways to find a great injury solicitor. Find Injury Solicitors that have been rated, reviewed & recommended by hundreds of people.
    8th October 2013
  • Understanding Personal Injuries and Personal Injury Claims
    Understanding the law surrounding personal injuries is the first step in successfully winning your personal injury case. Your second step is finding reputable and well experienced injury solicitors to help you develop a flawless case and help you navigate the legal minefield of personal injury claims. A personal injury can be either physical or psychological. Physical personal injuries also include illnesses and diseases.
    4th October 2013
  • How To Make An Accident Claim
    If you are making an accident injury claim in the UK, you may be worried about doing all of the paperwork correctly. Making accident claims can be a delicate and complicated process for many people. If you’ve suffered an injury, the accident itself was probably quite traumatic. When you pile on the financial, personal, medical, and legal concerns that are also involved, you may feel incredibly overwhelmed. Here are some ways to make sure your claims are filed correctly and with the least amount of stress possible.
    2nd October 2013
  • How To Find The Best Injury Lawyers
    If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may be thinking about making a personal injury claim. This also means you’re probably looking for a good injury lawyer since making a claim yourself can be quite confusing and difficult. There are many injury lawyers out there, so here are some tips on how to find the best lawyer for you and your claim.
    30th September 2013
  • Understanding The “No Win No Fee” Personal Injury Agreement
    Putting the “No Win, No Fee” agreement in fundamental terms, it’s basically an agreement between a personal injury solicitor and their client that means that if the solicitor can’t win your case that you won’t have to pay them for any of the work that they’ve done. Should your solicitor be able to win your case, they’ll be paid through the defendant’s insurance company in most cases.
    26th September 2013
  • Reasons For Working With A Reputable Personal Injury Firm
    All personal injury claims should be handled by reputable and experienced personal injury firms instead of insurance companies. Insurance companies will do everything they can to make sure you get a fast and early undervalued settlement instead of working with an injury solicitor where it might take you anywhere from four to eight months or more for your claim to be settled. Even though it takes longer to settle your claim with injury solicitors, you’ll stand a much better chance of receiving the full amount of compensation that you’re entitled to.
    24th September 2013
  • 4 Common Questions About Finding A Good Injury Lawyer
    Getting injured in an accident is a traumatic occurrence. You may be suffering a tremendous amount of pain and stress after you receive your injury. If you are looking to make an accident claim and seek money for damages, you need to find a good injury lawyer to help you with your claim. There are a lot of injury lawyers out there, so here are four common questions about finding a good injury lawyer.
    22nd September 2013
  • Personal Injury Solicitors - Different Kinds Of Personal Injury Claims
    Personal injury law is a broad field that includes a variety of accident types. The best ways of winning a case is to make sure that you find a solicitor who specialises in your particular branch of the law. So what kind of cases do personal injury solicitors handle? Here are a few examples; road traffic accidents, motorbike & cycling accidents, accidents at work, public place accidents, medical or clinical negligence.
    19th September 2013
  • Injury Solicitors - Myths Related To Personal Injury Claims
    It can be more than a little difficult trying to wade through the myths and half-truths associated with injury solicitors and personal injury claims. Once a single piece of misinformation gets out, it can be all but impossible to prove where it originated from.
    17th September 2013
  • 6 Tips for Making an Accident Claim
    If you’ve recently been injured in an accident, you may be thinking about making an accident claim. The process for accident claims can be confusing and you want to make sure you’re being taken care of. Here are six tips for making an accident claim that will get you compensation for injuries that happened because of someone else’s negligence.
    12th September 2013
  • Make A Compensation Claim Online - Injured By Another’s Negligence?
    When an innocent person sustains injury, it can make sense to make a claim for injury. For any and all compensation claims to result in a successful lawsuit, the injured party's injury lawyer needs to be able to present persuasive evidence to the court demonstrating that the injury was due to the actions or inactions of another party.
    9th September 2013
  • Hearing Loss Compensation
    Hearing loss can take years to develop or become noticeable and you would normally have three years to make a compensation claim, starting from when you first noticed symptoms or thought that they might have been caused by your work. Compare the best injury lawyers and select only the personal injury solicitors that others have recommended as there is no substitute for reviews and recommendations.
    2nd September 2013
  • What Type Of Accident Injury Lawyer Would I Need?
    Yes there are different types of accident injury lawyers. Highly populated market requires a little enlightenment. What type of accident injury lawyer would you need for your injury claim? Which lawyer do you select? Before you buy any product or service what do you do? Research or ‘window shop’, right? Well selecting an accident injury lawyer should be no different.
    27th August 2013
  • Car Accident Compensation
    Applying for compensation for car accident is not that simple especially when different things are said to you by different people. Follow these simple rules to successfully make a claim for compensation for car accident. Seek independent personal injury solicitor advice, rather than advice or instructions from your insurance company ‘in-house’ solicitors, as these solicitors will look to save the insurance company money by under valuing your claim.
    21st August 2013
  • Accident Insurance Claim
    Make an accident insurance claim without any sales pressure or hard selling. Avoid using insurance companies to make the accident insurance claim but instead find an expert personal injury solicitor, based on reviews and recommendations, by comparing hundreds of solicitors all under one roof. Insurance companies under value your case to save themselves money.
    15th August 2013
  • Accident Injury Solicitors
    There are literally thousands of accident injury solicitors in the UK and selecting the best firm for your exact case can be a bit tricky and time consuming. Think about it! All the different accident injury solicitors throughout the UK so how do you go about finding that all important expert solicitor for your exact case, as all accident and/or injuries are not the same.
    14th August 2013
  • Solicitors Online
    Find the best-matched solicitors online for your exact accident injury claim which could be potentially worth thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pounds. Find & compare reputable personal injury solicitors online now & discuss your case at no cost. No obligation to make a claim.
    8th August 2013
  • How To Make A Car Accident Claim
    Making a car accident claim is time consuming and a tricky process. Giving your car accident claim to your insurance company could undervalue your claim. Always seek independent personal injury solicitor advice before committing as you have one, and only one, chance to get your car accident claim right.
    3rd August 2013
  • Auto Accident Claim
    Make an auto accident claim - Getting into an automobile accident is generally not just an accident. While collisions may be unintentional they can produce long lasting consequences that permanently injure individuals and they occur more frequently than you may think.
    5th July 2013
  • Compare Solicitors To Maximise Your Accident Injury Claim Effectively
    When you have suffered a personal injury accident it is essential that you carefully compare solicitors before committing. The research you do can make the difference in successfully winning an accident injury claim, which potentially could be worth thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds. Don’t select any solicitor before comparing a few to find the best match solicitor for your case.
    29th June 2013
  • Make Your Accident Claim In Time
    Make your accident claim in a timely manner as the first thing that someone needs to understand about the accident injury claim process is that they must act within three years of the accident. Compare personal injury lawyers to find the best matched solicitor for your exact case.
    23rd June 2013
  • Accident Injury Solicitors For Your Personal Injury At Work
    There are thousands of accident injury solicitors in the UK but do you know who the experts in dealing with personal injury at work are? Personal injury is a very broad area of the law which falls under different accident categories. Determining which accident injury solicitor is an expert in your accident type can be difficult.
    18th June 2013
  • Work Accident Injury Compensation Claims For Loss Of Wages
    Financial strain, juggling home life and feeling the pressure of missing work can be some factors that can cloud your judgement. Going back to work before your injury at work heals can lead to aggravating it further. Make work accident injury compensation claims & loss of wages the smart way.
    13th June 2013
  • Starring Compare Compensation Claims: The Good, The Bad & The Dodgy.
    Compare Compensation Claims is separating the GOOD accident claim solicitors & accident claim companies from the BAD & DODGY. Compare UK accident claim solicitors & get the best DEALS & SERVICES to MAXIMISE your claim.
    13th June 2013
  • What To Do To Make A Personal Injury Claim
    Make a personal injury claim following a few simple rules and you could have the help you need. Get help from a top injury lawyer for your financial losses, expenses, damages and even for your emotional, mental and physical suffering. Make an injury claim by hiring a lawyer and reduce your stress by leaving your case in the hands of an expert.
    7th June 2013
  • Make Your Compensation Claim Without Worrying About Retaliation
    Many times, an employee will have a legitimate compensation claim, but hesitate to go through with the claim process. They try to imagine what the response of management will be if they file a complaint, and compensation funds are subsequently recovered from their employer. They often make a decision by weighing the seriousness of the injury and the need for compensation funds against what their life will be like at their work. They may even worry about losing their job.
    3rd June 2013
  • Make A Holiday Accident Claim For An Injury Abroad
    Injuries can happen no matter where you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, on your way to visit a relative, at work, or even in a different country. Accidents are not subject to time or location. Did you know that even if you are injured abroad, you might still be able to get compensation for your financial losses through a holiday accident claim?
    31st May 2013
  • Reasons Not To Wait On Making Your Injury Claim
    Article on reasons why one should not wait to make an injury claim. Timing can be everything when filing any sort of claim in a court. There are sometimes things called limitation periods. A limitation period is, simply put, the amount of time in which you have to file the claim. If you wait until the limitation period has passed, you might not be able to file your claim in a court anymore. Limitation periods differ depending on the claim being filed.
    29th May 2013
  • How Long After An Accident Can You Make A Claim? Time Limits To Make An Accident Claim
    What are the time limit periods for making any type of personal injury, accident claim or compensation claim. Many people are not sure of the time limit periods they have in order to make a claim. Compare Compensation Claims has listed all accident claim categories and the time limit periods associated with them in order for you to pursue a successful compensation claim.
    24th May 2013
  • Accident Claim - Make Sure You Get All You Are Entitled To
    Companies expressly set up to make sure that people, who have been injured in some type of accident, receive all the compensation that they are entitled to according to the law are available all over the world now. In the past, the injured parties would have to do all the legwork and research for law firms that would handle the type of compensation that they were seeking. Now, law firms compete for the customer’s accident claim.
    24th May 2013
  • Tips For Filing An Accident Compensation Claim
    If you have never been involved in an accident before you may be a little uncertain of where to turn next. Here are some tips that you may find useful when dealing with the insurance company regarding your accident expenses, damages and/or losses.
    20th May 2013
  • Types Of Accident At Work
    Accidents at work are more common than one will think. There are different types of accident at work. Being injured by one of the following is an accident that you can make an accident at work claim for. Just knowing and being sure that you have an accident at work claim is a step in the right direction to making a claim.
    15th May 2013
  • Can I Make A Claim? Or Am I Wasting My Time?
    What qualifies to make a personal injury claim? How to make a personal injury claim? Is your accident injury worthwhile pursuing? What will I need to do to file a compensation claim? All good questions to ask. This article will help you decide whether you have a personal injury claim, how to make a personal injury claim and the steps to take in order to successfully make an accident claim.
    11th May 2013
  • Know The Steps To File A Car Accident Claim
    Car accidents can be devastating and may require compensating. A few simple steps to take, keep you safe, if you want to make a car accident claim. Compare solicitors before handing over a car accident claim case which could be possibly worth in the thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds.
    8th May 2013
  • The Ins And Outs Of Injury Lawyers: When To Call An Injury Lawyer
    Do I want to make an accident injury claim? Do I need an injury lawyer? These maybe questions that you ask yourself but hiring an injury lawyer for your compensation claim can only benefit you. Compare injury lawyers carefully before making a decision.
    6th May 2013
  • How Insurance Companies Determine The Value Of Your Accident Injury Claim
    When filing an accident injury claim, many people wonder how the insurance company determines the rate of compensation. Often times, it seems like the compensation offered by the insurance company isn’t even enough to cover property damage and medical expenses, not to mention all of the other losses. Knowing how to calculate the compensation on your injury claim will help you decide whether or not you are getting fair reimbursement from your insurance company.
    30th April 2013
  • Accident Injury Claim - Reasons Why You Should File A Claim
    Approximately one-third of all injuries that occur in the workplace in the UK are reported. For some reason, employees are reluctant to make a work accident injury claim that can result in them getting compensation for their injuries. Your employer is required to provide you with a work environment that is reasonably safe and free of hazards.
    11th April 2013
  • What To Do As A Victim Of Personal Injury
    Have you been a victim of personal injury at no fault of your own? If so, hiring a personal injury lawyer from the vast lawyers can be a difficult and daunting task. Getting the best injury lawyer for your case can make or break you. Compare hundreds of personal injury lawyers now for free, instantly, and take the hassle out of spending hours on end finding an injury lawyer for you.
    23rd March 2013
  • Make A Compensation Claim Online
    Over the years many aspects of life have changed especially how we access things. Technology has moved at such a pace that at times it is hard to keep a track of. To make a compensation claim people had to visit local personal injury solicitor firms and discuss their cases in detail. Once approved by the personal injury solicitor the case could then move forward and the client had to then wait till the solicitor firm carried out their investigations/checks and get back to the client. Paper work was then sent to the client’s home in order for completion and signing which then in return had to be posted back to the solicitor firm.
    19th March 2013
  • Getting Things Rolling With Your Accident Injury Claim
    Getting into an accident is never an easy thing to deal with. Depending on where the accident occurred and who it involved, you might have to deal with various aspects of an insurance claim in addition to getting the proper care. What’s more, even though you might be sitting in a hospital recovering, waiting too long to get things rolling on your accident injury claim could work to your disadvantage. You might be unsure about many things when considering filing a claim or not so here are some ideas that may help you out when you need assistance with an accident injury claim.
    12th March 2013
  • Get Maximum Compensation For Your Car Accident Claim
    No matter how safe you may drive on the road, there are many other drivers who may not be as careful as you. Whether you are the cause of an accident or the unlucky victim, unfortunately car accidents happen every day. The aftermath following the accident can be chaotic and stressful. Just trying to get the compensation from the insurance company can seem like a major task. Here are some tips when it comes to filing your car accident claim in order to receive the maximum compensation package.
    9th March 2013
  • Correct steps to make an accident at work claim
    Let us put your mind at rest - making an accident at work claim should not affect your job position for the following reasons...
    5th February 2013
  • Solicitors in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool
    Solicitors in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool. Find solicitors in different areas of the UK and compare lawyers to maximise your accident claim. Free to compare, without any registrations or personal details. Comparing at its best.
    26th January 2013
  • The Personal Injury Touch
    Come April 2013 referral fees for personal injury claims will be banned therefore accident management companies will not be able to make money from referring cases to solicitors. Now what impact will this have on people making these claims, the accident management companies blamed for this compensation claim culture and will the insurance premiums fall as promised by the insurance industry?
    4th January 2013
  • Accident Compensation – Do I have a claim?
    Unfortunately when we are involved in accidents it is only then that we take things into consideration and only then we contemplate the idea of making an accident compensation claim against the party at fault or neglect.
    7th October 2012
  • Accident claim solicitors at their best.
    There are hundreds and thousands of accident claim solicitors in the UK and the numbers are increasing. How do you know who is the best personal injury solicitor for your claim? Why would you just nominate anyone to deal with your accident claim which potentially could be worth thousands of pounds? Why restrict your selection to a geographical area?
    28th June 2012
  • Asbestos Compensation Claim Ruling
    A SUPREME COURT ruling will enable thousands of people to make insurance claims on behalf of family members who died as a result of exposure to asbestos.
    25th April 2012
  • Tips On Filing An Injury Claim Or A Compensation Claim.
    Here are a few tips to help you handle the stress of trying to get compensation after sustaining injuries in a road accident. Just a few things to help improve your chances of winning an injury claim.
    12th March 2012
  • Legal Action For An Accident Injury Claim.
    There are a lot of things to understand when filing an accident claim so that you get the best representation and are able to win your case. You might want to research online so that you will be best prepared that you can be. But remember planning and preparation is the best way forward in pursuing an accident claim.
    19th January 2012
  • Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Compare Compensation Claims
    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Compare Compensation Claims
    14th December 2011
  • Paying for a Personal Injury Claim.
    You might be wondering what the costs and fees are and how you will be able to pay for the solicitor. Here are some things that you might want to be aware of that will help you understand what the final costs for legal help will be.
    27th November 2011
  • Accident Claim & Compensation Claim Solicitors – Explore your choices.
    If you have been involved in an accident, then you will need a solicitor to handle your accident claim & get you the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Due to a number of different specialties in the area of personal injury, you may want to research a solicitor who is experienced in a specific field.
    15th November 2011
  • Accident Claim - Protecting Yourself.
    Before filing an accident claim, there are a few things you should do to obtain evidence about the accident that happened and the injuries that occurred.
    8th November 2011
  • Getting Accurate Compensation For Your Accident Claim.
    If you have an accident and do nothing to protect yourself at the scene of the accident, it might be harder to pursue an accident claim & claim the compensation you deserve at a later date. Knowing beforehand what you should do will help to prepare you in case of an accident.
    30th October 2011
  • Selecting The Best Solicitor For Your Injury Compensation Claim.
    In a time of need don't stress about injury claim solicitors and accident management companies. Use a comparison site to save you the hassle and time in finding you the best injury claim solicitors around. Have a look at what Compare Compensation Claim's injury claim solicitors offer you before you make any hasty decision.
    22nd October 2011
  • How To Make A Successful Personal Injury Claim
    To make a genuine personal injury claim for any type of accident should be a relatively straight forward process. Following common sense and simple rules should see you through a successful personal injury claim. Wish things were that easy and simple. External factors, out of your control can lead to you making hasty or wrong decisions. This article will help you in some ways in making a successful personal injury claim.
    13th September 2011
  • Personal Injury Solicitors in...
    Personal injury solicitors in Manchester, London, Leicester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Bristol, Northampton, Hull, Norwich, Preston, Scotland and even Northern Ireland.
    10th September 2011
  • Join the thousands who know how to get the best personal injury claim solicitor
    A new concept of comparing personal injury solicitors is allowing clients to maximise their accident compensation claims. Compare Compensation Claims is the 1st of-a-kind personal injury website that not only showcases the best UK solicitors but also highlights their strengths and services range.
    11th August 2011
  • Tips On Finding The Right Compensation Claim Solicitor
    If you’ve been injured or had property damage due to a defective product, filing your compensation claim may seem like an overwhelming task. The truth is that there are expert solicitors who specialise in handling compensation claim issues, and they can help streamline the process and get you compensated in the shortest time possible. Working with an experienced and professional solicitor is the easiest and most stress-free way to handle any claim process since they will take care of all the details for you.
    16th June 2011
  • Guaranteed Maximum Compensation Claim Deals. Try Us For FREE Because You Won’t Find Better Anywhere
    It is normal for someone to visit a few websites for their compensation claim before they make a final decision as to whom they select as their personal injury solicitor. Everybody loves to shop around to get the best and the most for whatever they are looking for. If we didn’t then we might as well close our eyes and make a selection based on trial and error, which could be disastrous.
    26th May 2011
  • Eliminate Uncertainties, Costs, Fear & Stress From Your Accident Claim – 100% Compensation & Mega Deals
    When it comes to making a compensation claim, many people are not sure how to go about it, are worried about the costs that they might have to pay if they lose or even win, and fear pursuing a claim which might end up in court.
    21st May 2011
  • Instant Result Compensation Claims – No Data capture
    You get instant compensation claim comparison results to simply start comparing hundreds of personal injury solicitors and deals without any obligation to make a claim or have persistent sales people call you for your custom.
    15th May 2011
  • Personal Injury Solicitor Extravaganza – Never Not Know Who To Choose For Your Compensation Claim
    What is one looking for when deciding to pursue and file a compensation claim? Renowned personal injury solicitors, unmatched service, honesty, reliability, solicitors who talk our language and not technical jargon or simply a random solicitor that has been recommended by someone from the thousands of personal injury solicitors out there?
    11th May 2011
  • Monster Accident Claims
    The one and only website to give you monster accident claim deals. This exclusive website lets you compare personal injury solicitors, services and deals to maximise your accident claim. View personal injury solicitor ratings to find the best acident team for your claim. Why settle for less when you can get more?
    21st April 2011
  • Voted Best Personal Injury Solicitor Website
    Voted the best personal injury solicitor website in a survey carried out in 2011. Participants varied in age, gender, background and voted Compare Compensation Claims the best personal injury website that helped it's clients in finding the best deals and services for them and maximised their compensation claims. They unanimously stated that Compare Compensation Claims was unique and different.
    14th April 2011
  • How to make a successful Accident Claim
    What is the best way to pursue an accident claim? When trying to pursue an accident claim things can get very difficult and complicated if things are not done properly. What we have to remember is that no matter what obstacles we face we have to make sure that we do things with precise planning and articulate documentation.
    7th April 2011
  • Best Choice Compensation Claims & Accident Claims
    Compare the Personal Injury market before you make any sort of compensation claim or accident claim.
    4th April 2011
  • Supersize Compensation Claim Deals
    Compare compensation Claims is the first-of-a-kind website that allows you to maximise your compensation claim by giving you exclusive deals and services all under one roof.
    1st April 2011
  • UK Compensation Claim Company Working With UK Accident Law Firms
    Compare Compensation Claims is working alongside the UK’s best accident law firms to maximise client’s personal injury claims. Compare the unique personal injury market.
    15th March 2011
  • Talking On The Mobile Phone Makes You Accident Prone
    Talking on the mobile phone makes you accident prone. Compare Compensation Claims advises people not to use mobile phones or even hands free kits to avoid lapse of concentration when driving and minimise your risk of being involved in a car accident or a road traffic accident.
    5th March 2011
  • Something Blue – Accident Compensation Claims For You
    This is a good luck saying which dates back to the victoria era and many brides try to and ensure that they have something of each in their wedding outfit. But hey, why should brides get all the good luck. People need luck when it concerns choosing the right accident compensation claim solicitor because we all know that they can either make us or break us.
    18th February 2011
  • Trust The Name And Make A Claim - Accident Compensation
    No more trial and error in finding the best personal injury lawyer or accident claim solicitor for your accident compensation. Join the many clients who have tried and tested our services in finding the right solicitor for you. Trust the name & make a claim. It's as simple as that.
    14th February 2011
  • CAAR Accident Claim – Customers Are Always Right.
    C.A.A.R Accident Claims can be very devastating therefore the client has the right to make a compensation claim. For genuine claims Customers Are Always Right and the law protects people who have been involved in a car accident. The government has a system in place to help people and ensure that they are put in a position as, close possible, to what they were prior to the accident.
    9th February 2011
  • Accident Claim Trap (ACT). ACT Against It - Truth About Insurance Companies.
    Accident Claim Trap (ACT) - ACT Against It - Truth about insurance companies, how they operate and deploy tactics to trap you in making hasty decisions regarding your accident claim.
    29th January 2011
  • To Claim Or Not To Claim? That Is The Question
    Why do people avoid pursuing a compensation claim? Are they worried, feel guilt, feel ashamed, fear, feel they are doing something wrong or simply see it as pointless pursuing? Whatever the case, read this article before coming to any conclusion because we all have choices and Compare Compensation Claims presents you with these choices for you to make an informed decision.
    27th January 2011
  • Eeny Meeny Miny Mo Which Accident Compensation Claim Solicitor Will Give Me More?
    Who would like a lot more? The Accident Compensation Claim Industry is very competitve and stacked with personal injury lawyers and solicitors so demand more for your claim. Take a pick from the best of them.
    20th January 2011
  • Accident Claim When You’re Not To Blame
    Compare Compensation Claims is here to help. Lets work together and find the best deals and services out there to help customers. Make an independent choice and not a forced choice.
    16th January 2011
  • Photo Finish - Compensation
    Photo finish to the end. See your compensation claim successfully to the end. Keeping documents, records, receipts, bills, statements and photographic evidence is vital for any compensation claim.
    9th January 2011
  • Simple Friendly Advice Goes A Long Way
    Simple friendly advice goes a long way. A personal injury site that actually works. Compare UK solicitors, lawyers, services and deals to maximise you compensation claim.
    6th January 2011
  • Best UK Accident Claim Solicitors for your Personal Injury
    Compare Compensation Claims houses the best accident claim solicitors from across the United Kingdom. Compare accident claim solicitors and their 'Compensation Packages' to find the best matched solicitor and deals for your personal injury.
    1st January 2011
  • Which Accident Category Do You Fall In?
    Selecting the right accident category for your personal injury is crucial when appointing an accident claim solicitor.
    1st January 2011
  • Maximum Compensation For Personal Injury Claims
    Compensation and personal injury claims for the best interest of the people.
    20th December 2010
  • Personal Injury Lawyers Rated
    Feed me and Rate me... Compare Compensation Claims would appreciate if we could have your feedback so that we can provide you with up to date services and the best deals. Clients who have made a compensation claim using our website can also rate accident claim solicitors based on their own experiences. Let others know how you were treated.
    13th December 2010
  • It's Personal! - Injury Claims
    Accidents are never the same therefore compensation claims for personal injury can never be the same and they should all be treated differently.
    7th December 2010
  • Accident Injury Claim Feedback
    Good things come to those who wait. Compare Compensation Claims is overwhelmed by the response that it has got from various people. Personal injury lawyers, accident claim solicitors, accident management companies and even the general public, who have given positive feedback.
    3rd December 2010
  • Serving the public
    No registration, no sign-ups and no obligation. Click, click and your away.
    2nd December 2010
  • You First (Compensation Claims)
    Y.O.U F.I.R.S.T when it comes to Compensation Claims
    20th November 2010
  • UK Personal Injury Claim Market
    The one place for all personal injury claims in the UK. Search hundreds of personal injury lawyers and accident management companies in one virtual market place entirely created for the accident claim industry.
    1st November 2010
  • Personal Injury Claim
    Driving down the cost of making accident injury claims, so you the client, can reap the rewards.
    1st November 2010
  • Dentist payout of £10,000 compensation to Woman
    A Woman who lost six teeth after her dentist failed to spot and treat gum disease has won a five-figure payout.
    17th October 2010
  • Too short for Universirty
    A Brazilian student expelled from university for wearing a mini-dress that was too short was awarded nearly £15,000 in compensation
    8th October 2010
  • St James's Place faces compensation claim from rock photographer
    Kevin Westenberg seeks £630,000 from St James's Place over senior partner's investment advice.
    8th October 2010
  • Families of Nimrod crash victims receive compensation
    Several relatives claiming compensation after 14 servicemen were killed in a Nimrod plane explosion in Afghanistan have received payouts, the MoD says.
    4th October 2010
  • New Personal Injury Comparison site Launched.
    A new innovative, 1st of a kind web site allows you to compare personal injury firms from the comfort of your home or work place. The web site gives you the freedom of choice, to hand-pick your services and personal injury solicitors in order for you to make an informed choice. It also allows you to view ratings for top rated personal injury solicitors and compare ‘Compensation Packages’ before you make a claim.
    28th September 2010
  • Air delay compensation claims suspended by High Court
    The right of UK air passengers to force airlines to pay compensation for long flight delays has been suspended by the High Court.
    17th August 2010
  • £11m compensation awarded to 7/7 victims
    Victims of the 7 July attacks have received £11m in compensation so far, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) said.
    2nd July 2010
  • Disabled pensioner to pay £13k scooter accident costs
    A disabled woman from Denbighshire who injured a supermarket worker with her mobility scooter has been ordered to pay £13,110 in compensation.
    18th May 2010
  • Equitable Life: New compensation plan announced
    An enhanced compensation scheme for over one million Equitable Life members has been announced by the two parties forming the UK's coalition government.
    12th May 2010
  • Pushchair maker Maclaren agrees compensation
    Maclaren, UK pushchair manufacturer, has agreed to compensate children who have been injured in their buggies.
    6th May 2010
  • Long battle for 'toxic sofa' victims ends with pay-out
    A judge at the High Court has ordered several High Street retailers to pay out up to £20m in compensation to customers who received chemical burns from their leather sofas.
    26th April 2010
  • European airlines reject court ruling on compensation
    Europe's scheduled airlines have rejected a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling over compensation to delayed travellers.
    16th April 2010
  • Inmate gets £4.7m for brain damage in Brixton Prison
    A prisoner who suffered brain damage after falling off a bunk bed in Brixton Prison during a fit has been awarded £4.7m compensation by the High Court.
    14th April 2010
  • Sainsbury's 'may compensate' Staffordshire neighbours
    A supermarket chain in Staffordshire has said it may compensate neighbours affected by dust from building work for one of its new stores.
    14th April 2010
  • Payout for Walsall woman after lung clot misdiagnosis
    A woman from the Black Country who nearly died after her doctor failed to diagnose a blood clot in her lungs has received a five-figure payout.
    8th April 2010
  • Blinded welder wins compensation
    A welder left blinded and partially paralysed after being hit by a five and a half tonne metal sheet at work has won his fight for compensation.
    23rd March 2010
  • Injured armed forces personnel to receive more money
    Servicemen and women injured in Afghanistan and Iraq are to receive increased compensation payments, backdated to 2005, following a review.
    10th February 2010
  • Injured veterans denied benefits
    Injured veterans are being refused benefits and are ending up living in poverty because of a loophole in benefit rules, the BBC has learned.
    7th November 2008

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